Locke Cole

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Locke Cole

Locke as drawn by Yoshitaka Amano
Age 25
Birthplace Kohlingen
Gender Male
Job Thief
Skill Steal
Limit Break Mirage Dive

Locke Cole is the primary male protagonist of Final Fantasy VI. Locke is an average Thief and the man to go to when in need of agile hands, information retrieval, or someone to be on a quick lookout. Locke is the second in command of the Returners and deals mainly with recruiting.


[edit] Final Fantasy VI

Locke is first met aiding in an espionage mission at the Narshean Caves, as they investigate the frozen Esper. During this time, he encounters Terra Branford, who he figures out that was a mind control device. He vows to protect her until she regains her memory, and takes her to the Returners hideout in order to meet with Banon.

Locke Avatar.jpg

Locke detests being referred to as a Thief, and prefers Treasure Hunter. Some time ago, during Locke's younger years, he fell in love with a woman named Rachel, in the town of Kohlingen. Locke took Rachel on all sorts of daily activities and small adventures to entertain her. One day however, the bridge they were walking on was collapsing, and Rachel jumped and pushed Locke off it in an attempt to save him, and she falls to her near death. Locke manages to rescue and nurture her back to health, however she develops amnesia and doesn't remember anything about herself or Locke. Her father was furious with this and banishes Locke out of the house, and the town. Rachel not knowing who he was, agrees, and Locke leaves a hollow and broken man. That day, Locke vows to protect any female with all his strength.

One day, the Empire attacked Kohlingen and destroyed everything in it, and wiping out a major portion of it's civilians. Rachel was one of them, and when Locke finds out, he becomes infuriated and swears revenge upon Gestahl. Locke joins the Returners and and helps the resistance's fight against the Empire.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Locke Cole TRFF.png

Locke is a representative of Final Fantasy VI along with Terra.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Locke returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy VI.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Locke appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Locke ATB.png

Locke appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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A young member of the Returners. Saving Terra started him down the path to overthrow the Empire, and ultimately Kefka himself. - official description

Locke is a playable character representing Final Fantasy VI. He is acquired by completing the Challenge Event dungeon Phoenix Cave for the first time.

[edit] Abilities

Sneak Attack.png

Locke uses Sneak Attack as his default Soul Break. By equipping the Rising Sun (VI), he can also use the Rising Sun Soul Break.

Locke can use Thief and Celerity abilities up to Rank 5. He can also use Combat abilities up to Rank 4 and Support abilities up to Rank 3.

[edit] Equipment

Locke can equip the following weapons:

Locke can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 220 11 8 7 8 8 20 26 115
50 3685 101 70 63 78 71 22 29 154

[edit] Quotes

"I prefer the term TREASURE HUNTING!" (FFVI)
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