Lost Number

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Lost Number
Location Nibelheim

Lost Number is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII found in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. You must defeat it in order to complete the Finding Vincent and Red XIII's Cosmo Memory side quests.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
35 7000 300
Attack Defense Magic Mag Def Dexterity Evasion
80 120 35 280 82 1
AP Exp Gil
80 2000 2000
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Water Wind
- - - - - -
Gravity Poison Holy
Immune - -
Death Sadness Slow Slow-numb Berserk
Immune - - Immune Immune
Near-death Fury Stop Petrify Paralysis
- - - Immune -
Sleep Confusion Frog Death Sent Darkness
Immune Immune Immune Immune -
Poison Silence Small Manipulate
- Immune Immune Immune
Drop Steal Morph
Cosmo Memory - -
Abilities Aspil, Bio2, Bolt2, Lost Blow, Quake2

[edit] Strategy

This boss has two methods of battle. The purple half uses physical attacks and is weak against magic attacks. The red half uses magic attacks and is weak against physical attacks. His HP is a step up from what you're used to but don't be discouraged. Remember to use your limit breaks only against the side that's weak against physical attacks. Halfway through one side will die, and you'll be left with the other. Keep the attacks straight and it should be a fairly simple battle. Once again, use Cure + All materia for great assistance.

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