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Magic plays a vital role in Final Fantasy VI. The basis of the plot revolves around the idea and misuse of it, and in-game mechanics are heavily dependent on Magicite from Espers which not only boost your stats, but also give you the ability to learn spells to cause damage, heal yourself and make your life easier in the long run.

To learn Magic you must equip an Esper and keep it quipped until you learn the ability. You can switch Espers without having learned abilities. You will also learn the abilities at different speeds.


Offensive (FFVI).pngOffensive Magic
Curative (FFVI).pngCurative Magic

Protective (FFVI).pngProtective Magic
Type Ability Description MP Esper Rate
Curative (FFVI).png Antdot Cures Poison 3 Kirin x4
Protective (FFVI).png Beserk Increase Attack Power but lose control of character 16 Phantom x3
Offensive (FFVI).png Bio Moderate Posion-elemental damage and inflicts the poison status 26 Shoat x8
Offensive (FFVI).png Bolt Small Lightning-elemental damage to enemy 6 Bismark x20
Ramah x10
Offensive (FFVI).png Bolt 2 Moderate Lightning-elemental damage 22 Maduin x3
Ramuh x2
Offensive (FFVI).png Bolt 3 Heavy Lightning-elemental damage 53 Tritoch x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Break Target is turned petrified 25 Shoat x5
Curative (FFVI).png Cure Recovers Small amount of HP 5 Kirin x5
Shiva x3
Sraphim x8
Starlet x25
Curative (FFVI).png Cure 2 Recovers Moderate amount of HP 25 Golem x5
Kirin x1
Sraphim x20
Starlet x16
Unicorn x4
Curative (FFVI).png Cure 3 Recovers High amount of HP 40 Phoenix x2
Starlet x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Demi Reduces HP of target by half 33 Phantom x5
Protective (FFVI).png Dispel Cancels all magically inflicted status's such as Shell 25 Alexander x10
Unicorn x2
Offensive (FFVI).png Drain Drains HP from target to revover your HP 15 Ifrit x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Doom Target is instantly killed (heals the undead) 35 Shoat x2
Offensive (FFVI).png Fire Small Fire-elemental damage to enemy 4 Bismark x20
Ifrit x10
Siren x6
Offensive (FFVI).png Fire 2 Moderate Fire-elemental damage 20 Ifrit x5
Maduin x3
Offensive (FFVI).png Fire 3 High Fire-Elemental Damage 51 Phoenix x3
Tritoch x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Flare Non-elemental damage to one enemy 45 Bahamut x2
Protective (FFVI).png Haste Speed drastically increases 10 Carbunkle x3
Palidor x20
Protective (FFVI).png Float Float - become immune to earth attacks 17 Palidor x5
Stray x2
Protective (FFVI).png Haste 2 Speeds up all party members 38 Palidor x2
Offensive (FFVI).png Ice Small Ice-elemental damage to enemy 5 Bismark x20
Shiva x10
Offensive (FFVI).png Ice 2 Moderate Ice-elemental damage 21 Maduin x3
Shiva x5
Offensive (FFVI).png Ice 3 Heavy Ice-elemental damage 52 Tritoch x1
Protective (FFVI).png Imp Transform the target into a defenceless Imp 10 Stray x5
Curative (FFVI).png Life Recovers a single party member from KO with minimal HP 30 Bismark x2
Phoenix x10
Sraphim x5
Curative (FFVI).png Life 2 Revives Target with Full HP 60 Phoenix x2
Curative (FFVI).png Life 3 Auto-Revives Target with Moderate HP 50 Phoenix x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Merton High Fire & Wind elemental damage to all enemies and characters 85 Crusader x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Meteor High Non-Elemental damage to all enemies 62 Crusader x10
Odin x1
Protective (FFVI).png Muddle Confuses Target 8 Stray x7
Protective (FFVI).png Mute Silences Target 8 Siren x8
Protective (FFVI).png Osmose Drains targets MP to heal users 1 Shiva x4
ZoneSeek x15
Offensive (FFVI).png Pearl Pearl-elemental damage to one enemy 40 Alexander x2
Offensive (FFVI).png Poison Small Poison-Elemental damage, and inflicts Poison status effect 3 Ramuh x5
Offensive (FFVI).png Quake Earth Eleental damage to all enemies and party members 50 Terrato x3
Offensive (FFVI).png Quatr Reduces HP by a quater 48 Terrato x1
Protective (FFVI).png Quick Caster recieves two turns in a row 99 Raiden x1
Protective (FFVI).png Rasp Deals damage to targets MP 12 Shiva x4
ZoneSeek x20
Protective (FFVI).png Reflect Reflects magic attacks back to enemy, but at half the strength 22 Carbunkle x5
Curative (FFVI).png Regen Target regenerates HP over time 10 Kirin x3
Sraphim x10
Starlet x20
Curative (FFVI).png Remedy Cures all the status effects besides confusion of the target 15 Alexander x15
Sraphim x4
Starlet x20
Unicorn x1
Protective (FFVI).png Safe Reduce physical damage by a third 12 Alexander x10
Carbuncle x2
Golem x5
Unicorn x1
Protective (FFVI).png Scan Displays targets stats 3 Kirin x5
Protective (FFVI).png Shell Reduce magical damage by a third 15 Alexander x10
Carbuncle x2
Unicorn x1
ZoneSeek x5
Protective (FFVI).png Sleep Puts target to sleep 5 Siren x10
Protective (FFVI).png Slow Slows the target by 50% 5 Palidor x20
Siren x7
Protective (FFVI).png Slow 2 Slows down all enemies 26 Palidor x2
Protective (FFVI).png Stop Halts the target for a short time 10 Fenrir x3
Fenrir x5
Offensive (FFVI).png W Wind Reduces HP of all targets on screen by a tenth 75 Terrato x1
Offensive (FFVI).png Ultima Extremely Powerful Non-Elemental Damage to all enemies 80 Ragnorok x1
Protective (FFVI).png Vanish Become immune to phyical attacks until a magic attack is used 18 Phantom x3
Protective (FFVI).png Warp Teleport outside of a dungeon or escape from a battle 20 Carbunkle x2
Fenrir x10
Offensive (FFVI).png X-Xone Attempts to remove all enemies from battle 53 Fenrir x5

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