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Species Hume
Job Soldier

Marche Radiuju is one of the playable characters and the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and is one of the first two people you will have in the first engagement.


[edit] About

[edit] Background

At the beginning of the story, Marche has just moved with his family to the town of St.Ivalice. Labeled as the 'new kid', Marche makes friends with the strong minded Ritz and the shy Mewt. Marche has a brother, Doned, who is in a wheelchair, and Marche often feels that his parents' attention are all focused on Doned. After the transformation of the world, Marche is initially the only one who plans to return to the original world, with the assistance of Montblanc.

[edit] Appearence

Marche has a head full of long blond hair, which has a long strand sticking up at the top. He is cloaked in a blue shirt with a hood, and silver elbow and knee pads. His shorts are strapped with two belts that overlap one another. His final piece of clothing, his shoes, are covered slightly in armor.

[edit] Personality

Marche is a very, very dedicated kid, and at the young age that he is at, he possess qualities that most don't. He goes after everything that he tells himself that he can get. This quality can sometimes get him in trouble, though, because he blocks out everyone else's opinion when he knows that he's in the right.

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