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Maroda in FFX-2

Maroda is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X and X-2. Maroda serves as a guardian for his older brother Isaaru.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

When the party first meets Maroda, he warns Tidus of disappearing summoners when they meet in Djose Temple.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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Maroda has become estranged from his brothers, having joined the Youth League. When he meets Yuna again at Mushroom Rock, he refuses to acknowledge her questions of Isaaru. He is later reunited with his brothers when the fighting between New Yevon and the Youth League has stopped and Isaaru returns to Bevelle.

[edit] Blitzball

Maroda is a free agent blitzball player that can be scouted at MAX Level.

  • Contract Duration: 10
  • CP: 40
  • Super Shot: none

Stat Start Max Max Bio
END 8 41 5
ATK 18 27 7
PAS 31 92 9
SHT 17 19 7
BLK 11 29 5
CAT 10 40 7
RNG 90 105 6
REC 135 158 9
SPD 30 - -
RCH 60 - -

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