Master Tonberry (Crisis Core)

This article refers to the enemy. For the mission in Crisis Core, see Master Tonberry (Mission).
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Master Tonberry
Missions 10-2-3
Class Tonberry

Master Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core that is found in Mission 10-2-3. It must be defeated in order to unlock the Tonberry on the DMW.

Level HP (Normal) MP
30 39999 999
Attack Vitality Magic Spirit Luck
35 13 24 16 58
Exp SP Gil
1 1 1000
Fire Ice Thunder
- - -
Poison Silence Stun Stop
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Gravity Death Blast Wave Zantetsuken
0 Immune Immune 255
Recovery Time Stagger Interrupt Float
2s 4 no no
Drop MAG Mako Stone (normal), Circlet (rare)
Steal MAG Mako Stone (normal), ATK Mako Stone (rare)
Effects -

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