Meliadoul Tengille

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Meliadoul Tengille
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Age: 21
Job: Divine Knight
Party Situation: Enemy, Guest and later Ally.
Quick description: Vormav's Daugther and Izlude's sister

Meliadoul Tengille is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. You first met this mysterious Knight at .... City, when she comes to avenger her brother (Izlude), which according to her, was killed by Ramza.

She is Vormav's daughter, but, she knows nothing about his plan. She holds one of the stones of the Zodiac Brave Story. Later, at Limberry Castle, she sees Marquis Elmdor transforming, and she joins you in the battle against it as a guest. After the battle she offers you the stone with one condition: you let her join you.

In battle, when you have to defeat her, she can be quite a pain, as her attacks destroy your equipment with 100% ratio.

As an ally, her biggest problem is the speed and attack power. Since her attacks her all based on destroying equipments, against monster, she's like a common Knight, because her special attacks deal no damage to parts of the body that are not equipped.

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