Milleuda Folles

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Age:  ??
Job: Knight
Party Situation: Enemy
Quick description: Wiegraf's Sister.

Milleuda Folles, or Miluda Folles, is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. In the game, Milleuda's dialog is one of the most touching. While in the Battle, Algus talks to her. She says that the (Death Corps) are not animals. They fight to have equal rights, while Algus says that from the minute they were born, they were marked to be slaves with poor living and that is the will of God. Milleuda says that in God's eyes, all are equal, and Algus says that animals have no God. In resume Milleuda is just a poor soul looking for justice. Ramza tries to convince her to join him, but he ends up killing her.

In battle, Milleuda appears with some advanced equipment, providing her great HP and evade.

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