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Below is detailed information on all of the side quests of Final Fantasy X.


[edit] Blitzball

Main Article: Blitzball (FFX)

Blitzball is the hailed mini game of Final Fantasy X. Blitzball can be played by visiting a Save Sphere, which will automatically transport you to Luca stadium.

[edit] Lightning Dodger

Main Article: Lightning Dodger

In the Thunder Plains, you can win valuable prizes for avoiding the lightning strikes. For dodging 200 consecutive bolts, you will receive the Venus Sigil.

[edit] Butterfly Catcher

Main Article: Butterfly Catcher

This mini-game is played in Macalania Woods. Speak to the creature with the harp for details on how to play. Touch a butterfly to begin the game. After gaining access to the airship, winning the mini-game will get you Kimahri's Sigil.

[edit] Chocobo Racing

Chocobo racing is located at Remiem Temple. Just outside you can race against the Champion Chocobo.

To start the chocobo race you need to go up to the champion chocobo on the right hand side of the temple and challenge it. You will then start the race. The aim is to get to the middle before the other chocobo gets their getting as many treasure chests as possible. The more treasure chests you open the better the prizes you get are. You must also avoid hitting any of the poles or you lose the race.

Click on the map below to view a larger version of the chocobo racing area. The lines shows the recommended route.

Chocobo Racing Map.jpg

The prizes for winning are as follows:

First time throughCloudy Mirror
3Wings to Discover x30*
4Pendulum x30*
5Three Stars x60*

*You can only get these items once.

[edit] Chocobo Trainer

Main Article: Chocobo Trainer

In the Calm Lands, you can speak with the Chocobo Trainer to train your own chocobo in four different mini-games. By completing the Catcher Chocobo training mission, you will receive the Sun Sigil.

[edit] Monster Arena

Main Article: Monster Arena (FFX)

The Monster Arena is located on the eastern edge of the Calm Lands. There you can purchase equipment that allows you to capture fiends. Capturing certain fiends will get you a special prize from the trainer. You can also fight special creations (that are more challenging than a regular fiend) for valuable prizes.

[edit] Remiem Temple

To find Remiem Temple, rent a chocobo in the Calm Lands and ride up towards the southern exit. Continue to the right and you will see a chocobo feather on the ground. Examine it to fly toward the other side. Follow the path to Remiem Temple. Inside you will find Belgemine ready to have an aeon duel with Yuna. You must obtain all aeons (except the Magus Sisters). Each time you defeat one of her aeons, she will give you a prize. For defeating her Bahamut, you will get the Flower Scepter.

See the side quest "Magus Sisters" for more information on obtaining the trio. After obtaining the aeon trio, you can defeat all of Belgemine's aeons. She will give you Yuna's Moon Sigil before asking you to send her.

[edit] Baaj Temple

'Baaji temple is the broken down building you first wake up in after being warped out of your home by Sin. At that point of the game not much can be done there but later on you gain full control of your airship and can return back for a little revenge and a Aeon. Talk to Cid, click search, And search around X 13.547 Y 56.654 and Z 0.027. Once located it will be avalible in the normal location selection."

[edit] Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

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[edit] Extra Locations

To find the secret locations, you must first have the airship. On the world map, search the coordinates by moving the cursor over the map. Press the X button to search for the location. You'll notice that the coordinates have a range that can be searched.

[edit] Sanubia Desert

X Coordinate: 12 - 16

Y Coordinate: 41 - 45

There is a chest way in the back that contains the Ascalon, a sword for Tidus that has the Double AP ability.

[edit] Besaid Falls

X Coordinate: 29 - 32

Y Coordinate: 73 - 76

Right under the bridge is a chest that contains the Dragoon Lance, a lance for Kimahri.

[edit] Battle Site

X Coordinate: 39 - 43

Y Coordinate: 56 - 60

Go north from the Save Sphere to find a chest that contains the Phantom Bangle, a bangle for Lulu that absorbs three elements.

[edit] Mi'ihen Ruins

X Coordinate: 33 - 36

Y Coordinate: 55 - 60

You'll be across the way on the half-submerged ruins. Move Tidus across the ruins and open a chest that contains the Sonar, a claw for Rikku.

[edit] Baaj Temple

X Coordinate: 11 - 16

Y Coordinate: 57 - 63

By revisiting Baaj Temple, you can obtain Lulu's Onion Knight & the aeon Anima. See the "Baaj Temple" side quest for details.

[edit] Omega Ruins

X Coordinate: 69 - 75

Y Coordinate: 33 - 38

Some of the toughest enemies can be found at the Omega Ruins. This is a great place to level your characters. See the "Omega Ruins" side quest for more details.

[edit] Airship Passwords

When you've acquired control of the airship, you can enter passwords to find other secret locations. Choose the "Input" command to bring up the screen's keyboard. The passwords must all be entered in all capital letters. You may have seen these passwords translated into Al Bhed hints around Spira.

Password 1: GODHAND

You'll have access to the ravine below Mushroom Rock Road. Continue north and you'll come across a chest that contains Rikku's ultimate weapon, Godhand.

Password 2: VICTORIOUS

You'll have access to another secret area in Besaid. Climb up the tree branch and open the chest there to find Victorious, a targe for Rikku that nullifies three elements.

Password 3: MURASAME

You'll have access to another secret area in Besaid. Go to the north to find a chest that contains Murasame, a sword for Auron that has the One MP Cost ability.

[edit] Village of the Cactuars

Main Article: Village of the Cactuars

When you gain control of the airship, you can return to Sanubia Desert to participate in this side quest. Find ten cactuars hidden in the desert to remove the sandstorm and find Rikku's Sigil.

[edit] Al Bhed Primers

Main Article: Al Bhed (Language)

Al Bhed Primers are needed to translate the Al Bhed Language. Each book reveals a new letter in the alphabet.

[edit] Cloudy/Celestial Mirror & Celestial Weapons

For information on how to obtain each of the character's special weapon, see Celestial Weapons (FFX).

[edit] Hidden Aeons

[edit] Anima

To find Anima, see Side Quest "Baaj Temple"

[edit] Yojimbo

To find Yojimbo, see the side quest "Cavern of the Stolen Fayth".

[edit] Magus Sisters

To obtain the Magus Sisters, you must first defeat all of Belgemine's aeons at Remiem Temple. You will receive the key item Flower Scepter for defeating her Bahamut. You must capture all of the fiends of Mt. Gagazet (see Monster Arena (FFX)). When you return to the owner of the Monster Arena, he will reward you with the key item Blossom Crown. Using both of these items, return to Remiem Temple and examine the door in the back.

[edit] Omega Ruins

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[edit] Jecht's Spheres

Jecht's Spheres allow the player to view scenes of the past featuring Jecht, Auron, and Braska. Collecting the spheres is required to unlock Auron's most powerful overdrives.

NameSphere InformationLocation
Sphere 1Jecht's message for TidusYou can get one when you defeat Spherimorph at Lake Macalania
Sphere 2Shows how Jecht became Braska's guardianMacalania Woods South
Sphere 3Shows what happened when Braska, Auron and Jecht first arrived in BesaidBesaid Village, right of the Temple
Sphere 4Shows Jecht, Braska and Auron going to KilikaCabin of the SS Liki
Sphere 5Jecht and Auron talks about Blitzball and TidusLuca Stadium, basement A (outside Auroch's locker room)
Sphere 6Jecht, Braska and Auron fight Chocobo EaterAt the end Mi'ihen Road (old road)
Sphere 7Auron talking to Kinoc about him leaving with Braska to ZanarkandMushroom Rock Precipice
Sphere 8Jecht regrets attacking the ShoopufMoonflow South Wharf
Sphere 9Shows the three of them leaving the Thunder Plains to GuadosalamThunder Plains South (east area)
Sphere 10Braska's message for YunaGagazet Mountain Trail

[edit] AP Gaining Tricks

There are many tricks with which you can get AP quickly and effectively, below are two methods which work the best.
To find out where to get the items please read the Item FAQ ([1]) by AZn2th3N.
To do these methods you should have the following:

Weapon & Armor Auto-Abilities

    Overdrive-->AP Ability* - Instead of increasing the overdrive gauge you will instead get AP (requires x10 Doorways to Tomorrow)
    Double AP/ Triple AP - Doubles/Triples the amount of AP gained (requires 20 Megalixirs/50 Wings to Discovery respectively)
    Double Overdrive/ Triple Overdrive - Doubles/Triples the increase in overdrive gauge (requires 30 Underdog's secret/30 Winning Formulas respectively)
    Auto-Phoenix - Automatically use a phoenix down when an ally is killed (requires 30 Mega-Phoenix's)
Auto abilities with a * next to them are a must, without them the tricks will not work.

Overdrive modes

    Stoic - Overdrive Gauge increases when you suffer from damage (default)
    Comrade - Overdrive Gauge increases when your team allies suffer from damage (Certain amount of damage to allies)


    Phoenix Downs - Although they may not actually be necessary as life can work just as well, its best to have as many Phoenix downs as possible


    Don Tonberry unlocked - One of area conquest creatures found in the Monster Arena (requires you captures all fiends in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth)
    Cactuar King unlocked - One of area conquest creatures found in the Monster Arena (requires you captures all fiends in the Thunder Plains)
    1000+ Kills - this is needed for the Don Tonberry method, however it is not essential

You must have unlocked one or the other for the tricks to work.


Select to fight against the Don Tonberry, and then attack it. This will result in it retaliating with Karma which will deal damage depending on how many fiends that character had killed x100. If you have set the overdrive mode to Comrade then two characters will gain AP for the attack as instead of your overdrive gauges charging you will gain AP. After the attack revive the fallen character and then repeat until the hearts desire or until it is defeated (or you run out of Phoenix Downs)
Please note for this method you MUST have Overdrive-->AP ability and it is highly recommended that you have Auto-Phoenix and a huge supply of Phoenix Downs. Its also better to use Comrade mode on the characters with less Kills and stoic on the one with the most kills. However if all your characters have fairly high amount of kills its a good idea to use Comrade for all characters.
After you finish you will gain an absurd amount of AP.


Select to fight against the Cactuar King, and then attack it. It will then retaliate with either 10,000 Needles or 99,999 Needles. Revive your characters when needed and keep attacking. When it attacks it will attack with either one of the two moves resulting in even more AP. Remember to have set the overdrive mode to Comrade for all your characters.
Please note for this method you MUST have Overdrive-->AP ability and it is highly recommended that you have Auto-Phoenix and a huge supply of Phoenix Downs. Life will also do just as well, however it will waste a turn.
Again after you finish you will gain an absurd amount of AP.

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