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15 Puzzle is a mini-game from Final Fantasy I. In order to access the puzzle, you must have a ship of course! But if you don't have the ship, then here is how to get it. You must visit the small town of Pravoka. Pravoka is invaded by pirates of seas, and everyone is in range of terror, bullied by the pirates. When you arrive to the town, you will notice that everyone is just ranting about the pirates--too bad they aren't strong enough to confront the pirates and to weak to berserker them. It will be your job to calm the pirates down so you will need to battle the pirates themselves! In order to fight them, you must go to the left (east) side of town, and talk to the pirate boss. He will soon then call his pirates and fight you.

The pirates are easy opponents, so level 10 will be just perfect. Once defeating them, you will get the ship located at the port. That is all you need to do in order to get the ship.


HP: 24
Attack: 10
Accuracy: 2
Defense: 0
Agility: 6
Intelligence: 3
Evasion: 12
Magic Defense: 35
Gil: 40
EXP: 40
Treasure: Leather Shield

The mini ship game: Press the "A" button, and while pressing the "A" button, press the "B" button 20-22 times. Then, the game will take you to a mini game where you will need to arrange the numbers 1-15 in order. Its a hard game, but with practice it will get easy.

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