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Missions in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core are accessible via the in-game menu, but you must be at a Save Point. Missions become available through completing other missions or by advancing through the storyline. There are a total of 300 missions in the game. A mission is complete when you defeat the boss, which is the visible enemy on the field. If you die in a mission, you are sent back to the save point. You can escape a mission by accessing the menu and choosing "Missions". Missions can be repeated, but you will only get the reward once. Chests that you have already emptied will be gone, too, but if you failed to pick up a chest before, you can do so the second time around.

Below is a list with links to all of the missions. The missions marked with an asterisk (*) are important missions because they yield special rewards or unlock images on the DMW.


[edit] Shinra Electric Power Company

[edit] Training Missions

Shinra's Basic Training

Shinra's Advanced Training

50 Shinra Troops

100 Shinra Troops

200 Shinra Troops

1000 Shinra Troops

[edit] Peacekeeping Troops

Challenge from Security

Second Challenge

Third Challenge

Getting Serious

Armed Challenge

Last Challenge* (receive item involved in side quest to build flower wagons)

[edit] Weapons Development

Next-Generation Weapons

New Mechanical Weapons

To Quash Genesis's Forces

Experiments Gone Wrong

Robots in the City

A Director's Request

[edit] Plan for New Equipment

Urban Combat Operations


Stolen Shinra Weapons

Destroy the Mobile Artillery

Testing New Weapons

Weapons Comparison Test

[edit] Special Operations Arms Laboratory

Special Ops Weapons

Special Ops Weapons Return

Tarantula Test

Shinra Machines Unit

Better Death Machines

Final Versions of the Spider

[edit] Monster Research Project

[edit] Monsters in Midgar


Approaching the Outskirts

Sightings in Sector 5

Defend the Slums

Highway Closed

Truth in the Wasteland* (receive item involved in side quest to build flower wagons)

[edit] Monster Reports

Slums of Midgar



Nibelheim II


World of Monsters

[edit] Monster Incidents

Unidentified Monsters* (receive access to another shop)

Mass Elimination

Aerial Monsters

Subspecific Movers

The Sealed Cavern

Operation: Desert Island

[edit] Unexplored Territories

A Solitary Island* (a chest that carries a new shop)

Wasteland Investigation

An Unknown Island

Excavation Site Survey

Cave-In Investigation* (receive access to another shop)

Whatever Stands in Your Way

[edit] In Search of the Unknown

Investigation of the Caverns

New Species Found

More New Species Found

New Cavern Found

Another Cavern

The Great Beast

[edit] Genesis's Forces

[edit] Genesis's Forces on the March

Foes on the Waterfront

Massive Machines

Eliminate the Copies* (defeat Kactuar to unlock missions for Cactuar DMW image)

Destroy the Death Machines

Eliminate the Death Machines

Midgar Defense Operations

[edit] Major Offensives

Foes in the Slums

Take Back the Carrier

Raid the Enemy's Stronghold

Enemy Attack Prevention

Pursue the Foes

Foes in the Wasteland

[edit] Clash with Genesis's Forces

Red Alert!

Base in the Caverns

Surprise Attack on Midgar

One Base at a Time

Rumble in Midgar

Regain the Mako Facility

[edit] Genesis Evolution

Regain Shinra's Materia

Powered-Up Copies

Reinforced Copies

Return to Midgar

Destroy the Copy Factory

Strongest Copies Yet

[edit] The Strongest Copies

Intercept the Copies

Attack the Copies' Base

Genesis's Special Ops Unit

Chase the Copies

Defeat the Copies

The Last of the Genesis Troops

[edit] To End the War with Wutai

[edit] Pursue the Remnants

Wutai Units Found

Anti-SOLDIER Monsters

Pursue the Deserters

Wutai Remnants in the Slums

Stop the Intruders

Search for Wutai Remnants

[edit] Behind the Scenes

Foes in the Corel Mines

Remnants in the Slums

Foes inside Shinra Building

March into Wutai

Stubborn Wutai Remnants

The Five Saints of Wutai* (receive access to another shop)

[edit] The Crescent Unit

Defeat the Scout Units

Obliterate Advance Elements

Foes in the Wutai Base

Mobile Units

The Enemy's Stronghold

Stop the Assailants* (a chest that carries a new shop)

[edit] The Remnants Strike Again

A New Threat

Death Wish for Zack

Infiltration* (a chest that carries a new shop)

Wutai in the Slums

Anti-Shinra Base

Anti-SOLDIER Weapons

[edit] Annihilate the Crescent Unit

Neutralize the Commander

Last of the Wutai

Crush the Crescent Unit

Crescent Unit Annihilation

Before They Regroup

Wutai Suppression

[edit] Hojo's Laboratory

[edit] Sample Monsters Lv. 1

Experiment No. 101

Experiment No. 102

Experiment No. 103

Experiment No. 104

Experiment No. 105

Experiment No. 106

[edit] Sample Monsters Lv. 2

Experiment No. 107

Experiment No. 108

Experiment No. 109

Experiment No. 110

Experiment No. 111

Experiment No. 112

[edit] Sample Monsters Lv. 3

Experiment No. 113

Experiment No. 114

Experiment No. 115

Experiment No. 116

Experiment No. 117

Experiment No. 118

[edit] Sample Monsters Lv. 4

Experiment No. 119

Experiment No. 120

Experiment No. 121

Experiment No. 122

Experiment No. 123

Experiment No. 124

[edit] Seeking Precious Items

[edit] Looking for Items

Closed Coal Mines

Desert Island Delights

Scavenger Hunt

In the Depths of the Caverns

Buried in the Caverns* (defeat Tonberry to unlock missions for Tonberry DMW image)

Item in the Coal Mines II

[edit] Midgar City Development Department

Slum Development Plan 1* (receive access to another shop)

Slum Development Plan 2

Mako Excavation Site* (receive access to another shop)

Ingredient for Soma

Making Phoenix Down

Underground City* (receive access to another shop)

[edit] Zack, the Treasure Hunter

Items in the Plains

Desert Island Surprises

An Item for Fusion

Item in the Caverns

Item in the Coal Mines

Items in the Wasteland

[edit] Zack, the Clean-Up Guy

Monsters in the Caverns

In the Closed Coal Mines

In the Secret Facility

Hiding in the Wasteland* (a chest that carries a new shop)

Buried in the Plains

Ancient and Hidden

[edit] Zack, the Corporation Crusher

City Planning Dept.

Space Development Dept.* (a chest that carries a new shop)

The Reporting Department

Security Department

Arms Development Dept.

Science Department

[edit] Counter-Mafia Project

The Don's Secret

The Don's Second Secret

Secret in the Caverns

Secret on the Plains

The Melancholy Don

The Don's Twilight

[edit] Seeking Priceless Items

[edit] Recall Missions

Freight Recall

Black Market Recall

Cargo Recall

Supplies Recall

Deputy Assignment

Second Deputy Assignment* (receive item involved in side quest to build flower wagons)

[edit] Precious Things

Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy II

Operation: Mako Reactor I

Operation: Mako Reactor II

Operation: Mako Reactor III

Accessories Recall

[edit] ESP Development Project

P's Precognition Lv. 1

P's Precognition Lv. 2

P's Precognition Lv. 3

P's Precognition Lv. 4

P's Precognition Lv. 5

P's Precognition Lv. 6* (receive Adaman Bangle, which breaks HP limit)

[edit] Contacts from P

First Contact

Second Contact

Third Contact

Fourth Contact

Signs of Growth

Breakthrough* (receive Brutal, which breaks damage limit)

[edit] Orphans Escaping

Boy in the Caverns

Eldest in the Wasteland

Girl on the Desert Island* (a chest that carries a new shop)

Second Son in the Wasteland

Twins in the Caverns

Youngest in the Wasteland

[edit] The Accessory Craftman

A Recruiter's Departure

A Recruiter's Close Call

A Recruiter in a Slump

The Irritated Recruiter

The Frustrated Recruiter

The Determined Recruiter

[edit] Zack, the Materia Hunter

[edit] Starting Out

Rematch with Ifrit* (unlock Ifrit on the DMW)


Clash with Genesis Troops

Rematch with Bahamut* (unlock Bahamut on the DMW)

Escape from Hojo's Lab

Mystery Materia* (unlock Odin on the DMW)

[edit] Mako Stones

SPR Mako Stone

VIT Mako Stone

MAG Mako Stone

HP Mako Stone

ATK Mako Stone

LCK Mako Stone

[edit] To Hell and Back

EM Hell in the Building

EM Hell on the Island

EM Hell in the Wasteland

EM Hell in the Mines

EM Hell in the Plains

EM Hell in the Caverns

[edit] From a Hot Treasure Hunter

Suspicious Mail 1* (chest containing item to unlock Chocobo on the DMW)

Suspicious Mail 2

Suspicious Mail 3* (chest containing item to unlock Cait Sith on the DMW)

Suspicious Mail 4* (chest containing item to unlock Moogle on the DMW)

Suspicious Mail 5

Suspicious Mail 6

[edit] Anonymous Hints

Treasure Info 1

Treasure Info 2

Treasure Info 3

Treasure Info 4

Treasure Info 5

Treasure Info 6* (unlock Bahamut Fury on the DMW)

[edit] Yuffie's Notices


Another Notice

Final Notice




[edit] Great Cavern of Wonders

[edit] Invitation to the Underground

Underground Caves

Deeper into the Caves

Marks of an Intruder

Genesis's Interception

Behind the Scenes

Genesis's Threat

[edit] Stirrings

A Third Power

Weapons Out of Control

Continuing into the Caves

A New Path Discovered

To the Lower Levels

Signs of Materia

[edit] In Search of What?

To the End

Genesis's Challenge

Genesis's New Weapon* (a chest that carries a new shop)

Genesis's Super Weapon

Wutai's Best

No More Wutai

[edit] Realm of Demons

Genesis's Ambition

Genesis's Passion

A Fresh Start

Machines Gone Haywire

Only for SOLDIER

Only for 1st Class

[edit] Unknown Energy

Hojo's Monsters

Further Below

Unusually Strong Monsters

Abnormal Power* (a chest that carries a new shop)

A Lonely Journey

Even Deeper

[edit] Doors to the Unknown

Toughest Monsters

The Lowest Tier* (receive Super Ribbon, which nullifies all status effects)

Weapons Gone Haywire

Biomechanical Threats

Life Form of Energy

The Reigning Deity* (receive Divine Slayer, which breaks HP, MP, AP, & damage limits)

[edit] Mysteries of the World

[edit] Cactoid Secrets

Where's the Cactuar?


Cactuar Found?* (unlock Cactuar on the DMW)

[edit] Tonberry Quests

Find the Tonberry!

Tonberries Everywhere

Master Tonberry* (unlocks Tonberry on the DMW)

[edit] Fun in the Sun!

Vacation Time

Vacation for Real

Please Make it a Vacation

[edit] More Fun in the Sun

You Need a Vacation

We Hope It's a Vacation

Is it a Vacation Yet?

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