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FFXII Mjrn.jpg
Gender Female
Race Viera
Home Eruyt Village

Mjrn is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XII, and the younger sister of Fran. When the party reaches the barrier in Golmore Jungle, Fran tells them to seek out Mjrn in Eruyt Village. However, Jote informs them that their younger sister has left the village to learn why so many Humes have been in the area. The party tracks her to Henne Mines, where they find her in a rage due to the Mist. Mjrn awakens Tiamat and the party is forced to fight it. After defeating it, Mjrn returns to herself and they all return to the village.

Mjrn announces that, like Fran, she too wants to leave the village. Fran denies her and tells her to stay in the village and avoid the solitude that she has suffered. She also tells Mjrn that she has only one sister left (Jote) to her, sending Mjrn off in tears.

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