Mog (FFVI)

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Mog by Amano
Age 11
Birthplace Narshe
Job Dancer
Skill Dance
Limit Break Moogle Rush

Mog is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VI.


[edit] Final Fantasy VI

Mog is first encountered in the Narshe Caves as Locke is trying to escape with Terra, in the beginning. Mog leads an army of other Moogles against the Narshe Guards, in order for Locke to escape.
Mog Avatar.jpg
He succeeds and wishes Locke good luck. Mog can join your party once Terra regains consciousness, through a side-quest in which he must be rescued from a creature known as the Lone Wolf. Mog needs to be in your party if you want to recruit Umaro as well. It's not specified why Mog joins the Returners, but he does state that he has had multiple dreams in which Ramuh came to him and told him to join the cause against the Empire.

As a Dancer, Mog can be a very beneficial party member. He learns new dances as he fights in different terrains. Each time the player chooses his Dance command, Mog does one of four random dances, which affect the terrain. His physical stats are somewhat low, however he boasts great magic stats and has one of the highest defenses in the game, second to Umaro. Mog also gets his own Relic, the Moogle Charm which completely negates random encounters. Mog's dances use the terrain's powers against enemies, making him a form of Geomancer, and one of few.

In the SNES commercial, he is seen interviewing monsters for the game.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Mog appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Quotes

"An old dude named Ramuh taught me your language, kupo! He kept showing up in my dreams and telling me to help you, kupo! So... I'm gonna help you, kupo!"
"The hair! Watch the hair! I'm not a stuffed animal, kupo!"

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