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The Monster Arena is a place in Final Fantasy X where you can battle captured monsters as many times as you want for a price. It is located in the eastern part of the Calm Lands. You can also get many important items relatively easily from the monster arena. Below you can find a list of the different types of Fiends that can be found as well links to pages which will include in-depth details about the fiends.

[edit] Fiends

In this part of the Monster Arena you can view the fiends that you caught, and if you desire you can battle with them for a small amount of gil.

[edit] Area Conquest

You will need to capture one fiend from each area to unlock each of the Area Creations. You can view which ones you have caught by checking the fiend list.

[edit] Species Conquest

Species Conquest are unlocked by getting a certain amount of fiends from a species. They each cost 8000 Gil to fight, and they all have handy items.

[edit] Original Monster Conquest

These are extremely hard creations that you will have trouble with. They all cost 15,000 Gil to fight against with the exception of Nemesis who costs 25,000 Gil. When fighting the original creations, you must have top stats meaning you must have around 255 Strength, defense, magic and magic defense.

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