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Moogles as they appear in Final Fantasy XII Moogles as they appear in Final Fantasy XII

Moogles have long been a Final Fantasy staple, being a race of child-sized winged creatures with a distinct bauble-like ornament attached to their heads. Moogles are also well known for their frequent use of their trademark word "kupo" in their dialogue.


[edit] Final Fantasy III

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Moogles run Mognet, the game's Wi-Fi system. There is a moogle located in each town, allowing access to Wi-Fi sidequests after the party defeats Djinn.

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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This page will contain information about the Moogles' abilities and attributes.

To unlock a new job for your character, you have to learn a certain number of skills in existing jobs, your characters usually only start off with 1 job and you have to work from there. First on this page will be how to unlock the rest of the jobs for the Moogles.

Moogle Jobs

Animist - Default
Black Mage - Default
Thief - Default
Gunner - 1 Animist Tech
Mog Knight - 1 Animist Tech
Juggler - 2 Thief Techs
Gadgeteer - 2 Thief Techs
Time Mage - 5 Black Mage Techs

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

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Moogles are a playable race of characters in FFTA2, with a unique set of jobs to unlock and master. Most emphasize the speed and sly nature of the Moogles, but there are exceptions (the Moogle Knight, for instance). Moogles are also open to learning magic, though their Int tends not grow as high as the Nu Mou.

[edit] Jobs

Animist - Default
Thief - Default
Black Mage - Default

Moogle Knight - 1 Animist Ability
Fusilier - 1 Animist Ability (Quest requirement: The Goug Consortium)
Chocobo Knight - 2 Animist Ability (Quest requirement: Popocho's Chocobos)
Tinker - 2 Thief Ability
Time Mage - 5 Black Mage Ability

Flintlock - 2 Fusilier Ability AND 2 Tinker Ability (Quest requirement: Of Kupos and Cannons)
Juggler - 2 Tinker Ability

[edit] Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Main Article: Moogle (Dissidia)

Moogle appears as a manual summon. It randomly selects an ability from one of the other summons. The moogle is modeled after its Final Fantasy XI version.

[edit] Final Fantasy Type-0

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A Moogle appears in this game to help the members of Class Zero.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts I and II, moogles run the item synthesis workshops. In Chain of Memories, the moogles sell cards to Sora. In 358/2, a moogle in a black cloak will sell Roxas panels and syntesize items for him. The Kingdom Hearts moogles retain the traditional look: A white body, purple wings, a red nose, and pom-pom.

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