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Mognet is the Moogle mail delivery system of Final Fantasy IX. Vivi will be enlisted to assist in the delivery of letters when it is found that the service has become sporadic.

Mognet HQ is the brains of the Mognet system and where Artemician (the Moogle who is meant to deliver mail) resides. To get to Mognet HQ go North-East from Madain Sari to the big island North of the Forgotten Continent. Not hard to miss. On the other side of the mountains (near the log on the floor and facing the mountain range) use Choco and a Dead Pepper. If in the right location you'll receive the following message - "The crack crumbled and opened up a hole". Enter inside to find Artemician who is a panic, claiming he only wanted to make his fur shiny. It seems he has used too much of something called Superslick on himself, when it's needed to keep Mognet running. It's now up to you to help Artmecian by finding more Superslick. Thus begins a chain of letter delivering. Follow the order below to complete the sidequest:

Kupo - Alexandria Atla - Burmecia Mogryo - Black Mage Village Kumool - Ipsens Castle Mois - Entrance outside Fossil Eoo Noggy - Daguerreo Kupo - Alexandria (again)

You'll then find out that someone in Alexandria has the Superslick. Leave the Church Tower and head to the Mini Theater so you can talk to Ruby. It turns out Ruby uses Superslick in her hair. Head back to Mognet HQ where Artemician rewards you for your help by giving you a Protect Ring.

[edit] Moogle Locations


KupoAlexandria (Bell Tower)
MoshAlexandria Castle
MoskoOutside Prima Vista (Evil Forest)
MontyEvil Forest / Pinnacle Rocks (later on in the game)
MoisIce Cavern / Fossil Roo Entrance (later on in the game)
KumopDali (Underground)
MogkiLindblum (Castle Guest Room)
MoodonLindblum (Inn)
MoonteLindlbum (Bottom Castle Level - Dragons Gate)
MogmiGizmalukes Grotto
GrimoSouth Gate
NaznaSouth Gate
MochosGargon Roo (Dr Tot's Tower Entrance)
MonevCleyra (Trunk)
SerinoRed Rose Airship
KuppoFossil Roo
MogmatConde Petie
MogryoBlack Mage Village
SuzunaMountain Path
MocchiLifa Tree
MomatoseMadain Sari
MimozaOeilvert (Entrance)
MogsamDesert Palace
MojitoDesert Palace
MogrikaEasto Gaza
MoolanMount Gulug
MogtakaMount Gulug
KumoolIpsens Castle
MoorockBran Bal
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