Moogle Mingler

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Moogle Mingler
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Gamerscore 15
Description Talked with the moogles from all thirteen classes.

Moogle Mingler is a trophy and achievement in Final Fantasy Type-0. To earn this award, speak to all thirteen moogles in Akademeia:

  • Class Zero- in Class Zero's Classroom near the teacher's desk
  • Class First - in the Fountain Courtyard at the top of the steps
  • Class Second - in Central Command
  • Class Third - on the Terrace behind the portal (in the dark area)
  • Class Fourth - on the bridge to the Airship Landing
  • Class Fifth - at the Entrance Hall near the front door
  • Class Sixth - in the Main Gate area in front of the turnstiles on the left
  • Class Seventh - in the Lounge right next to the portal
  • Class Eighth - at the Entrance Hall just past the portal (the same moogle that collects the Knowing Tags)
  • Class Ninth - in the Crystarium area along the right side
  • Class Tenth - on the platform of the Airship Landing
  • Class Eleventh - in the middle of the Armory
  • Class Twelfth - in the Ready Room on the left side

Note that the Airship Landing is not available for exploration until after completing the second story mission.

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