Mustadio Bunansa

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Age:  ??
Job: Engineer
Party Situation: Guest and later Ally
Quick description: A troubled Engineer

Mustadio Bunansa is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy Tactics. He is introduced while he is running from soldiers sent from the Cardinal. The Cardinal is after one of the holy stones from the Zodiac Brave Story. Mustadio doesn't know the stone's powers, but won't handle it. His father Bersodio was captured by the Cardinal, and he will have to chose between the stone and his father. He tricks the enemy by giving them a fake stone.

As an Engineer, Mustadio stands out for his high Speed. However, he can only rely on the guns, which have a fix damage, no matter how high the strength is. You'll see in the beginning that causing 36 damage, is not that effective. His abilities are arm aim (the enemy cannot use the action command), leg aim (the enemy cannot use the move command), and seal evil (petrifies undead enemies with high %).

Later, at the end he can use special guns that cause random damage, and after the shot, have the probability to inflict thunder, ice, fire and stone(depending on the gun). These guns are very hard to obtain.

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