Stolen Scoop

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Stolen Scoop
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Mission No.: 104
Duration: 25 Days
Mission Type: Encounter
Price: 1800 Gil
Rank: 3
Rewards: 9000 Gil, 1 Items, 2 Cards

Stolen Scoop is a mission in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. For a complete list, see Missions (FFTA).


[edit] Description

Someone stole my latest scoop article, and I'll bet it was those guys at the Sprohm News. Get them before they reach Sprohm! ~Eraile, Daily Baguba

[edit] Location

  • Varies

[edit] Enemies Encountered

[edit] Requires Completed

[edit] Strategy

Once you encounter these stealers they will offer you a certain amount of gils to avoid the battle, but considering that most of us buys the game for the gameplay, I really wouldn't recommend avoiding the battle. There are five people in their clan, two of which are thieves. Now I wouldn't worry about the thieves attacks and thus you should focus one the other four though the thieves might prove hard to KO. The white monk and the warrior are probably the strongest in the clan. This should prove to be an easy battle, though you should keep in mind the white monks abilities and keep your mages as far away as possible from the Bangaa warrior.

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