A Challenge

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A Challenge
Mission No.: 112
Duration: 25 Days
Mission Type: Encounter
Price: 900 Gil
Rank: 3
Rewards: 4200 Gil, 2 Items

A Challenge is a mission in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. For a complete list, see Missions (FFTA).


[edit] Description

Yo, Clan Nutsy. You're quite popular lately. There's still time for you to join us at Clan Baham... or else! ~Mintz, Deputy Clan Boss

[edit] Location

  • Varies Required Skill: Negotiation (Level 4)

[edit] Enemies Encountered

[edit] Requires Completed

[edit] Strategy

This is another one of the many clan encounter missions. You will be offered to either join their clan or engage. For those of you who would join their clan simply because you are curious to what happens, well: you fail the mission and your clan title changes to Baham. So wait are you waiting for? Engage!

This battle does offer some difficulties and various annoyances...beware that the soldier has some Fighter abilities so it's always a good thing to check your enemies abilities before battle. If Mintz gets close, then you should do whatever you can to take him out. Other than that, you should focus on the Archer and White Mage and remember to keep your units apart in case struck by the Black Mage.

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