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Noctis Lucis Caelum
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Noctis Lucis Caelum, nicknamed "Noct", is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. He is the last heir of a royal family which rules over the kingdom of Lucis, which possesses the last crystal. Because of this, the world is in a Cold War-like state and his kingdom appears to be currently under siege.

He appears as a man in his early 20s who has blue eyes and black hair. His eyes will change when in combat depending on the weapon he is currently wielding, and as well as when he absorbs crystals. Noctis' eyes also allows him to sense death of others. He possesses the ability to warp at will.

[edit] Episode Duscae

Stuck in Duscae because their car had crashed, Noct and his friends set off to find a way make money for the repairs. They found and accepted the bounty 'Deadeye' the Behemoth worth 25,000 gil.

After scouting for clues, they had pinpointed where Deadeye is. The moment they saw him, Gladiolus remarks that the 'Deadeye' was true to its moniker. It was half blind. The party sneaked in to its den. Ignis strategizes a plan; Noctis draws its attention and warp to Prompto luring Deadeye. As it drew closer, Gladiolus staggers it by using a Breaker like blade on blind side. Prompto knocks it out by causing huge explosion with guns on a massive oil machine, then finally Noctis warps to deliver the killing blow. They are overjoyed for a moment until the Behemoth actually survived the assassination attempt. The party is forced to flee when it proves too strong.

[edit] Gallery

Close-up of Noctis mid-battle
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Render of Noctis
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Noctis with red eyes
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Young Noctis
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