Nu Mou

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

This page will contain information about the Nu Mous' abilities and attributes.

To unlock a new job for your character, you have to learn a certain number of skills in existing jobs, your characters usually only start off with 1 job and you have to work from there. First on this page will be how to unlock the rest of the jobs for the Nu Mou.

Nu Mou Jobs

Beastmaster - Default
White Mage - Default
Black Mage - Default
Morpher - 5 Beastmaster Techs
Time Mage - 5 Black Mage Techs
Alchemist - 5 Black Mage and 3 White Mage Techs
Illusionist - 5 Black Mage and 3 White Mage Techs
Sage - 3 White Mage and 2 Beastmaster Techs

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