Oerba Dia Vanille

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Oerba dia Vanille
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Oerba Dia Vanille is one of the main playable protagonists in Final Fantasy XIII.


[edit] Fabula Nova Crystallis

[edit] Final Fantasy XIII

Vanille is a citizen of Pulse and her weapon of choice is a rod that functions similar to a fishing rod. Like other cast members, she is a l'Cie. Vanille's summon is Hecatoncheir.

As shown in recent trailers, Vanille is at some point captured by Jihl Nabaat.

Vanille's main roles are Ravager, Medic, and Saboteur.

Her weapons of choice are Rods and Staves (FFXIII).

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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A young woman who remains carefree and innocent, despite being a Pulse l'Cie. Her bright personality gives no hint of the dark resolve that lies within. - official description

Vanille is a playable character representing Final Fantasy XIII. She can be acquired by completing The Fal'Cie of Pulse survival event.

[edit] Abilities


Vanille uses Deshell as her default Soul Break. By equipping her with the Binding Rod (XIII), she can also use the Deprotega Soul Break.

Vanille can use any White Magic spell up to Rank 5, any Black Magic spell up to Rank 4, and any Support abilities up to Rank 2.

[edit] Equipment

Vanille can equip the following weapons:

Vanille can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 170 7 6 11 9 11 20 22 92
50 2847 62 51 106 96 116 22 25 118

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