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Onion Knight is a recurring job and enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It is typically an ultimate class that can use any weapon.

[edit] Final Fantasy III

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Onion Knight is a job class. In the original NES version of Final Fantasy III, all characters began as Onion Knights, and then went on to other jobs. With the creation of the Freelancer class, the Onion Knight was no longer needed, however it remains as a hidden class that requires the player to use their Wi-Fi connection to obtain it. Onion Knights can use all magics, abilities, and weapons, except for job-specific ones, and have their own set of weapons and armor.

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics

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The Onion Knight has no abilities, but they can equip every weapon and armor, including the Onion Equipment. The Onion Knight will raise in class level for each job you master. They are at their ultimate level at class level 8.

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