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Paladin is a job that has appeared in various main and spin-off games in the Final Fantasy series. The Paladin acts as the opposite of the Dark Knight or Lanista; instead of using dark magic and stealing HP, the Paladin can use holy, or light, magic and heal HP. Paladins also usually have high defense allowing them to take damage at the front line while also being able to use heavy swords to fight.

Characters that have appeared as Paladins include Cecil Harvey, Beatrix, Basch in Revenant Wings, and Frimelda Lotice.

Other variations of the Paladin include Holy Knight, Knight, Sword Saint, or White Knight.


[edit] Final Fantasy XI

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Paladin in FFXI

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Paladins specialize in the use of close-range combat, but are also masters of White Magic allowing them to attack and heal. The Paladins are often considered tanks because of their high defense and shield mastery abilities.

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Paladin in FFTA

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Paladin is an advanced hume job with large HP and great defense and resistance. It is one of the most powerful hume jobs alongside fighter but with low speed. The Paladin has a great range of abilities including healing and damaging among others.

[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

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Paladin in FFTA2

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Paladin is a second tier job for Humes that is advanced from the Soldier class and allows its user to both heal and attack.

[edit] Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

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Paladin is a Crown that defends better when equipped with a shield.

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