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FFTA Gladiator.jpg
Species Bangaa
Job Gladiator
Relationships Unknown

Pallanza is a minor character in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Although he has a unique name and special way of recruiting, his appearance is that of a Gladiator.


[edit] About

[edit] Background

Pallanza's background is currently unknown. He may have some connection with the Wyrmstone, the key item that is required to unlock him.

[edit] Recruiting

To unlock Pallanza you must first complete the following quests:

After completing those you must complete the following unlocked quest to get the Wyrmstone key item:

After this quest you will have a 20% for him to join your team while having the key item Wyrmstone equipped after completing any mission. Remember, if you lose this key item you will never be able to unlock him.

[edit] Attributes

[edit] Stats

Apart from his level, Pallanza will have stats similar to any other Gladiator. His level will depend on the average of your current team's level, Pallanza's level will be four higher than that.

[edit] Abilities

Pallanza will start knowing the following moves, however his character acts like a normal Bangaa, so he can change jobs and learn new moves:

Ability Name Effect
Blitz An attack that has twice the normal accuracy at the cost of half the normal damage.
Ultima Sword Extremely powerful attack that triples the amount of damage you normally do.
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