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Gender Male
Birthplace Mysidia
Job Black Mage
Special Abilities Black Magic, Bluff, Twincast

Palom is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is a Black Mage from Mysidia, and he trains together with his twin sister Porom. He is described as a show-off, and is very casual, even to adults. He even describes himself as "The Mysidian Genius". This, combined with his inflated ego, causes Porom to keep him in check by either using words or by slapping him in the face.

Palom with his sister in the opening FMV

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"An apprentice black mage from the land of Mysidia. Though young, Palom has proven himself a skillful, if arrogant, student of magic. He frequently misbehaves, and is often scolded by his twin sister Porom as a result." (Game Description)

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Black Magic: Cast black magic spells.
  • Bluff: Increase damage dealt by Palom's next magical attack.
  • Twincast: Cast powerful spells in tandem with Porom.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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