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Phoenix is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually associated with fire magic and/or the life/auto-life ability.


[edit] Final Fantasy V

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[edit] Final Fantasy VI

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Phoenix is an Esper that is found in the Phoenix Cave. After obtaining the esper, the party returns to Rachel, Locke Cole's girlfriend, where he attempts to use Phoenix to revive her. Afterwards, Phoenix turns into magicite available for use.

Level Bonus: None

MP Cost: 110

Special Move: Rebirth

  • Description: Revives up to three knocked out party members, with minimal HP.
Ability Acquisition Rate
Raise X10
Arise X2
Reraise X1
Curaga X2
Firaga X3

[edit] Final Fantasy VII

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The Phoenix materia can be found in Fort Condor if the party can protect the Huge Materia from Shinra. Phoenix's special attack is Phoenix Flame, which deals Fire damage to the enemies and revives all dead party members, giving them full HP.

Cost: 180 MP

Stat Change: Magic +2, Magic Defense +2, Max HP -10%, Max HP +10%

Level 1: 0 AP

Level 2: 28,000 AP

Level 3: 70,000 AP

Level 4: 120,000 AP

Master: 800,000 AP

[edit] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

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Phoenix isn't used directly as a summon, but can be used via the DMW. He will be added after obtaining his materia during the "7 Wonders of Nibelheim" sidequest. Phoenix's special attack is Rebirth Flame, which deals fire damage to the enemy and grants the Raise status to Zack.

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

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After using a Phoenix Pinion during battle, Phoenix will appear randomly during battle as long as there is still a Phoenix Pinion in stock. It is able to revive fallen party members and deals fire damage. Phoenix cannot be junctioned.

[edit] Final Fantasy IX

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Phoenix is one of Eiko's eidelons that can be learned by equipping her with a Phoenix Pinion. It is randomly summoned if Eiko is with the party during a Game Over.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

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Phoenix in FFXII

Main Article: Phoenix (FFXII)

Phoenix appears in this game as an optional boss found at the Pharos at Ridorana/Subterra/Penumbra. It is also summoned later in the battle with Shadowseer.

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Main Article: Phoenix (Dissidia)

Phoenix appears in Dissidia as both Auto and Manual summonstones. Its Auto summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core version, while the Manual summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy VIII version. Its Manual summon effect lasts longer than the Auto summon.

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