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Final Fantasy IV starts on the ship of the notorious air pirates, the Red Wings, led by leading man Cecil Harvey, leaving from Mysidia after plundering a crystal from those who put up no fight. When the Red Wings land in the city of Baron, the king accuses Cecil of disloyalty and sends him on a dangerous quest to deliver a ring to the town of Mist along with his friend Kain Highwind. On the night before he sets out, he speaks with his love, Rosa Farrell, and accepts that he cannot undo what he's done. Before Kain and Cecil reach Mist, they are confronted with the Eidolon of Mist, which they defeat. When they reach the town, the ring explodes to reveal fire demons (more specifically: bombs) destroying the village. After they witness the destruction of the town Cecil sees a young girl named Rydia mourning over her dead mother, whose Eidolon Cecil just killed. As they try to approach her, she summons a powerful beast to kill the pair, accidentally tearing the land. When Cecil awakens he realizes he has been separated from Kain and discovers the summoner girl unconscious and sick. When he takes her to the nearby oasis town the innkeeper lets Cecil and Rydia rest free of charge. When she awakes he is told that the nearby kingdom can take them back to Baron; and back to Rosa. When they enter the cave passage he and Rydia meet the wise sage Tellah, who joins the party to defeat the monster that guards the exit to the cave. Tellah reveals that his daughter has run off to Damacyan with Edward Chris von Muir because he refused to give his blessing. When they reach Damacyan, the Red Wings bomb the castle, leaving Tella to discover his dying daughter and her lover kneeling over her body. As Tellah and Edward swear revenge against Golbez, the man responsible or the attack, Tellah runs off angrily muttering something about the ancient Meteor spell.
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