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Pouches in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings are a type of accessory used exclusively by Kytes. Pouches can be sold for half of their purchase value.

Name Ability Description Cost (Gil) Acquire
Apprentice's Pouch None - NA Initial Equipment
Incanter's Pouch Intelligence Increases group magick power by 1.1x 400 Shop (Chapter 3)
Reward (Mission 2-2)
Traveler's Pouch Resist Poison Grants group immunity to Poison 800 Shop (Chapter 3)
Goblin Pouch Treasure Hunter Awards an extra piece of loot at the end of battle 1600 Shop (Chapter 4)
Reward (Mission 52: Harmony in Discord)
Faerie Pouch Tonguetwister Increases wait gauge accumulation for magic by 1.2x 3200 Shop (Chapter 5)
Wizard's Satchel Mage's Monograph Increases magick damage by 1.2x
Increases wait gauge accumulation by 0.9x
NA Reward (Mission 72: Dalmascan Treasure)
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