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Prishe Dis012.png
Prishe in Dissidia 012

Prishe is a character from Final Fantasy XI that appears in the Dissidia series.


[edit] Final Fantasy XI

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[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Prishe is a secret playable character representing Final Fantasy XI.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Prishe TRFF.png

Prishe is a representative of Final Fantasy XI along with Shantotto.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Prishe returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy XI.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Prishe appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Gallery

Prishe Dis012 Art.png
Artwork of Prishe for Dissidia 012
Prishe Ex Mode.png
Prishe's Ex Mode in Dissidia 012
Prishe Alt1.png
Prishe's first alternate form in Dissidia 012
Prishe Alt1 Ex.png
Prishe's Ex Mode for her first alternate form in Dissidia 012
Prishe Alt2.png
Prishe's second alternate form in Dissidia 012
Prishe Alt2 Ex.png
Prishe's Ex Mode for her second alternate form in Dissidia 012

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