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Pyrolisk is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII that appears at Phon Coast.


[edit] Stats

Level HP MP Strength Magic Pwr Vitality
36-37 6262-6330 560-569 32-33 18 50-51
Speed Attack Pwr Defense Magic Res Evasion Exp
18-20 48-50 19-20 23 5-7 2585-2677
2 305-255 0
Elemental Properties
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Holy Dark
- Weak - - - - - -
Drop Steal Poach
Bundle of Feathers (common)
Storm Magicite (uncommon)
White Fang (rare)
Taurus Gem (very rare)
Bundle of Feathers (common)
Gold Needle (uncommon)
Balance Mote (rare)
Bundle of Feathers (common)
Murasame (rare)
Other Info
Immunities Charm, Confuse, Disable, Lure, Slow, Stop
Attacks/Abilities Kamikaze, Lunge
Other -

[edit] Bestiary Entry

NO.: 130

GENUS: Avion


[edit] Observations

Due to its carnivorous nature, the beak of this avion has receded, being replaced by a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

As it lives amongst the rocks near the sea, so have its wings changed coloration to match that of the sand and gravel.

The pattern on its wings resembles that of the insect known as the piloria, feared for their potent venom which causes searing pain much like a burn, and is therefore and effective deterrent to predation.

[edit] Aletap Rumors

Every adventurer dreams of one day collecting the Gigas series of equipment. Of course, these well-made items command an exorbitant price. That is why many seek to barter their way into ownership at the bazaar.

That said, it's no easy task to collect the prime pelts and prime tanned hides you'd need in trade.

Make it or buy it, either way you've got your work cut out for you.

Lonlo, Green Mage

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