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Locke visits Rachel

Rachel is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VI. She is the deceased girlfriend of Locke Cole, residing in Kohlingen.

When Locke brought Rachel into a cave, and attempted to cross a rickety bridge, the bridge collapsed, and Rachel pushed Locke out of the way and fell herself. After returning with her to Kohlingen, Locke found that Rachel had lost her memory. The residents of the town blamed him for her state, and Locke was forced to leave.

When Kohlingen was attacked by the Gestahlian Empire, Locke returned to find that she was killed. He took her to a doctor who was able to preserve her body using special herbs. Locke became determined to find a way to restore her.

After the world is ruined, the party finds Locke in the Phoenix Cave recovering the Phoenix esper, which is said to be able to restore the dead. He returns to Kohlingen and uses the esper on Rachel, reviving her for a few moments. She aleviates Locke of his guilt before finally dying.

[edit] Quotes

"If Locke should ever return, please tell him that I love him."
"I have to go now... ...But thank you so much for all the happiness you've given me... Please, let go of chains that bind your heart... I release you... Give your love to the one who now dwells in your heart... Love her...as you loved me... Phoenix... Be reborn! And give your power... to Locke!!" (last words)

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