Rapha Galthena

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Age:  ??
Job: Heaven Knight
Party Situation: Guest and later Ally.
Quick description: Malak's sister.

Rapha Galthena, or Rafa, is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy Tactics. She is a very sweet woman that lost her parents in the war. Unlike Malak, Rapha is aware that the person who given them shelter is the person who killed their parents. Britain wanted to obtain her Heavenly Knight skills. You first met Rapha at (name of the city). Malak is there with her to execute Ramza. However, Rapha turns her back, and asks Ramza to save her.

In battle, Rapha's special abilities, prove to be quite useless. Sometimes her attacks hit 5 times, other times hit 2...other times hits 6 but on empty panels. Comparing to other women, Rapha is the female character that has most balanced status; good Speed, good HP, moderate Attack Power, high Faith, and the lowest Brave.

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