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Rare Game are a special type of enemy in Final Fantasy XII. There are 80 Rare Game monsters that are stronger than normal fiends and have only a slight chance of appearing. Click on the links for more information on how to find these enemies.

Name Rating Location Trophy
Aspidochelon Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Cerobi Steppe/Feddik River Check.gif
Aerieel Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Lhusu Mines/Oltam Span -
Thalassinon Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Phon Coast/The Vaddu Strand Check.gif
Anubys Star.jpg Sochen Cave Palace/Mirror of the Soul Check.gif
Greeden Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Estersand/Banks of the Nebra -
Barmuu Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tomb of Raithwall/Royal Passage -
Bull Croc Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Ozmone Plains/The Shred -
Vishno Star.jpgStar.jpg Pharos-First Ascent/Wellspring -
Gavial Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Garamsythe Waterway/No. 10 Channel Check.gif
Etherian Star.jpgStar.jpg Cerobi Steppe/The Northsward -
Wary Wolf Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Mosphoran Highwaste/Summit Path -
Melt Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Henne Mines/Pithead Junction B Check.gif
Kaiser Wolf Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Westersand/Corridor of Sand Check.gif
Cubus Star.jpgStar.jpg Sochen Cave Palace/Temptation Eluded -
Lindbur Wolf Star.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Westersand/Shimmering Horizons -
Pineapple Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Ogir-Yensa Sandsea/Platform 1-Refinery -
Dreadguard Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Feywood/Walk of Dancing Shadow Check.gif
Bombshell Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Lhusu Mines/Lasche Span -
Crypt Bunny Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Feywood/Walk of Stolen Truths -
Megabomb Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Nam-Yensa Sandsea/ Demesne of the Sandqueen -
Spee Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Salikawood/Sun-dappled Path -
Matriarch Bomb Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Stilshrine of Miriam/Cold Distance -
Rain Dancer Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Giza Plains-Rains/any -
Ripe Rampager Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Estersand/Yardang Labyrinth -
Razorfin Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Garamsythe Waterway/North Spur Sluiceway -
Killbug Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Ozmone Plains/The Switchback Check.gif
Apsara Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Phon Coast/The Mauleia Strand -
Minibug Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Barheim Passage/East-West Bypass -
Rageclaw Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Salikawood/Piebald Path Check.gif
Ithuno Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Barheim Passage/Special Op Sector 5 -
Biding Mantis Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Golmore Jungle/The Needlebreak Check.gif
Kris Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tchita Uplands/The Highlands Check.gif
Wood Toad Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Salikawood/Corridor of Ages -
Dheed Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Mosphoran Highwaste/Skyreach Ridge Check.gif
Tarasque Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tchita Uplands/Garden of Life's Circle -
Aeros Star.jpgStar.jpg Ozmone Plain/The Shred -
Grimalkin Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tchita Uplands/Uazcuff Hills Check.gif
Terror Tyrant Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Estersand/Broken Sands Check.gif
Nekhbet Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Estersand/Sand-swept Naze -
Abelisk Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Ridorana Cataract/Echoes from Time's Garden Check.gif
Glaring Eye Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Henne Mines/Phase 2 Shaft -
Dustia Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Westersand/Corridor of Sand -
Cultsworn Lich Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tomb of Raithwall/Southfall Passage -
Ishteen Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Barheim Passage/East-West Bypass Check.gif
Evil Spirit Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Great Crystal/any -
Vorres Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Necrohol of Nabudis/Hall of the Ivory Covenant Check.gif
Juggernaut Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Feywood/White Magick's Embrace -
Negalmuur Star.jpg Stilshrine of Miriam/Ward of the Sword-King -
Molen Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Zertinan Caverns/Hourglass Basin -
Larva Eater Star.jpg Great Crystal/any -
Tower Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Pharos-Third Ascent/Dais of Ascendance -
Arioch Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Nabreus Deadlands/The Slumbermead Check.gif
Grey Molter Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Mosphoran Highwaste/Empyrean Way -
Fideliant Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Dalmasca Westersand/The Midfault -
Midgardsormr Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Golmore Jungle/Paths of Chained Light -
Crystal Knight Star.jpg Great Crystal/A Vikaari Kanbhru Ra Check.gif
Nazarnir Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Giza Plains/Starfall Field Check.gif
Grave Lord Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Golmore Jungle/The Rustling Chapel -
Victanir Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Nam-Yensa Sandsea/Yellow Sands Check.gif
Zombie Lord Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Tomb of Raithwall/Northfall Passage Check.gif
Gemhorn Star.jpgStar.jpg Lhusu Mines/Site 11 -
Drowned Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Garamsythe Waterway/No. 4 Cloaca Spur -
Luxollid Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Pharos-Subterra/Umbra-South -
Velelu Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Nabreus Deadlands/The Fog Mutters -
Vagrant Soul Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Pharos-Subterra/Abyssal-North -
Disma Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Lhusu Mines/Site 5 or Site 6 South Check.gif
Imdugud Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Nam-Yensa Sandsea/Withering Shores -
Ancbolder Star.jpgStar.jpg Paramina Rift/Karydine Glacier Check.gif
Bull Chocobo Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Ogir-Yensa Sandsea/South Tank Approach Check.gif
Wendice Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Sochen Cave Palace/Destiny's March Check.gif
Skullash Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Phon Coast/Cape Tialan Check.gif
Anchag Star.jpgStar.jpg Paramina Rift/Karydine Glacier -
Myath Star.jpg Stilshrine of Miriam/Ward of Ventilation Check.gif
Bluesang Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Cerobi Steppe/Crossfield Check.gif
Helvinek Star.jpgStar.jpg Necrohol of Nabudis/any -
Avenger Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Pharos-Second Ascent/Station of Ascension Check.gif
Pallicant Star.jpgStar.jpg Ridorana Cataract/City of Other Days -
Alteci Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Zertinan Caverns/The Undershore Check.gif
Phyllo Star.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpgStar.jpg Golmore Jungle/The Branchway -
Urutan Exile Star.jpgStar.jpg Ogir-Yensa Sandsea/Platform 2-Refinery -

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