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Raised in Kazus by the mythril smith Takka, whose rigorous training led her to run away from home... again. (Game Description)

Refia is a playable character in the DS version of Final Fantasy III. She is the adopted daughter of Takka, the mythril smith from Kazus. Refia is a hot-headed girl who is typically the one to point out what's going on in the game. Whenever a guest member speaks it is usually to her. She does not like toads.

When Luneth and Arc arrive in Kazus and learn of Djinn's curse on the mining town, she is found on Cid's airship in the desert attempting to go to Castle Sasune to retrieve a mythril ring created for King Sasune. After the party defeats Djinn with Princess Sara, it is revealed that Refia is also an orphan like the other three Warriors of the Light. She runs away (again) after helping her father create a mythril battering ram for the airship, which is destroyed after crushing the boulder that blocks the southern part of the continent. In Canaan she comforts Salina after Desch leaves for Dragon's Peak. On Dragon's Peak she scolds Desch for leaving Salina, and stays with him to make sure he returns to her. In the Tower of Owen, Refia assists Desch with the retrieval of his lost memories. During the party's quests through the Tower it is hinted that she has a soft spot for Desch. When Desch jumps into the fire, Refia is the first to try and convince him to stop.


[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Refia appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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A young woman raised by a blacksmith in Kazus. As she travels the land as a Warrior of Light, she seeks to find her true self. Her opposition to the powers of darkness is beyond question, and though she seldom lets it show, she has a caring heart. - official description

Refia is a playable character representing Final Fantasy III. She can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy III dungeon Molten Cave (Classic) for the first time.

[edit] Abilities

Martial Arts.png

Refia uses Martial Arts as her default Soul Break.

Refia can use any Combat or Monk ability up to Rank 5. She can also use Celerity abilities up to Rank 3.

[edit] Equipment

Refia can equip the following weapons:

Refia can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 194 10 7 7 8 8 20 20 106
50 3569 104 68 63 71 72 22 22 139

[edit] Quotes

"Toads! I hate toads! You're not turning me into one!"

[edit] Gallery

Refia as a Bard
Refia as a Black Belt
Refia as a Black Mage
Refia as a Dark Knight
Refia as a Devout
Refia as a Dragoon
Refia as an Evoker
Refia as a Freelancer
Refia as a Geomancer
Refia as a Knight
Refia as a Magus
Refia as a Monk
Refia as a Ninja
Refia as an Onion Knight
Refia as a Ranger
Refia as a Red Mage
Refia as a Sage
Refia as a Scholar
Refia as a Summoner
Refia as a Thief
Refia as a Viking
Refia as a Warrior
Refia as a White Mage

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