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Refine is an ability used by Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII. They are skills that allow you to transform items into magic, other items, or other results. There is a diversity of items, but they come in different quantities. The Refine Abilities (RF) are divided in two distinctive categories: Mag-Ref and Med-Ref.


[edit] Magic Refine (Mag-Ref)

Enables you to change an item into a magic, or even level up an already existing magic. They are split into Refine Element Magic and Refine Status Magic.

[edit] Elemental & Status Magic Refinement Ability List

T MAG-RF (Quezacotl)
Thunder Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Thunder
Magic Stone 5 Thundara
Wizard Stone 5 Thundaga
Shear Feather 20 Aero
Windmill 20 Tornado
Dynamo Stone 20 Thundaga
Coral Fragment 20 Thundara

I MAG-RF (Shiva)
Ice Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Blizzard
Magic Stone 5 Blizzara
Wizard Stone 5 Blizzaga
North Wind 20 Blizzard
Fish Fin 20 Blizzaga
Water Crystal 50 Water
Artic Wind 20 Blizzaga

F MAG-RF (Ifrit)
Fire Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Fire
Magic Stone 5 Fira
Wizard Stone 5 Firaga
Red Fang 20 Firaga
Flare Stone Flare
Inferno Fang 20 Flare
Phoenix Spirit 100 Firaga
Phoenix Pinion 100 Firaga
Bomb Spirit 100 Firaga

Forbidden Magic Refinement
Meteor Stone Meteor
Ultima Stone Ultima
5 Pulse Ammo Ultima
Star Fragment 5 Meteor
Energy Crystal 3 Ultima

L MAG-RF (Siren)
Life Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Cure
Magic Stone 5 Cura
Wizard Stone 5 Curaga
Tent 10 Curaga
Cottage 20 Curaga
Holy Water 2 Zombie
Death Stone Death
Holy Stone Holy
Saw Blade 10 Death
Zombie Powder 20 Zombie
Healing Water 20 Curaga
Healing Mail 20 Curaga
Regen Ring 20 Full-Life
Moon Stone 20 Holy
Dead Spirit 20 Death
Chef's Knife 30 Death
Whisper 50 Curaga
Healing Ring 100 Curaga
Phoenix Spirit 100 Full-Life

T MAG-RF (Diablos)
Time Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Slow
Magic Stone 5 Haste
Wizard Stone 5 Stop
Steel Orb 15 Demi
Dino Bone 20 Quake
Dragon Fin 20 Double
Lightweights 20 Haste
Spider Web 20 Slow
Black Hole 30 Demi
Rocket Engine 50 Triple
Samantha Soul 60 Triple
Three Stars 100 Triple
Accelerator 100 Haste
Aegis Amulet 100 Haste

ST MAG-RF (Diablos)
Status Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Silence
Magic Stone 5 Berserk
Wizard Stone 5 Bio
Antidote Bio
Eye Drop Blind
Echo Screen 2 Silence
Soft 3 Break
Sleeping Powder 5 Sleep
Curse Spike 10 Pain
Mystery Fluid 10 Meltdown
Betrayal Sword 20 Confuse
Cockatrice Pinion 20 Break
Steel Pipe 20 Berserk
Silence Powder 20 Silence
Venom Fang 20 Bio
Ochu Tentacle 20 Drain
Malboro Tentacle 40 Bio

SPT MAG-RF (Leviathan)
Support Magic Refinement
M-Stone Piece 5 Cure
Magic Stone 5 Dispel
Wizard Stone 20 Dispel
Shell Stone Shell
Protect Stone Protect
Aura Stone Aura
Remedy 5 Cure
Fury Fragment 5 Aura
Dragon Fang 20 Cure
Drago Skin 20 Reflect
Saw Blade 20 Dispel
Vampire Fang 20 Drain
Turtle Shell 30 Protect
Barrier 40 Shell
Rune Armlet 40 Shell
Giant's Ring 60 Protect
Med Kit 100 Cure
Moon Curtain 100 Shell
Steel Curtain 100 Protect
Glow Curtain 100 Reflect

[edit] Medicine Refine Ability (Med-RF)

Allows you transform an item into a better one, or, at least, more rare than the original. You can also level them up (from a Potion to a Potion+, for example). Just like the items, some may be found by different ways.

[edit] Medicine Refinement Ability List

R MED-RF (Carbuncle)
Recover Medicine Refinement
Healing Water 2 Hi-Potion
4 Tent X-Potion
2 Cottage X-Potion
Life Ring 2 Phoenix Down
Mesmerize Blade 2 X-Potion
Healing Mail 6 Hi-Potion
Regen Ring 8 Phoenix Down
2 Phoenix Spirit 10 Phoenix Down
4 Healing Ring 20 X-Potion

ST MED-RF (Siren)
Status Medicine Refinement
5 Betrayal Sword Remedy
5 Sleeping Powder Remedy
Curse Spike Remedy
Dragon Fang Remedy
Malboro Tentacle 2 Remedy
Cockatrice Pinion 3 Soft
Ochu Tentacle 3 Eye Drop
Poison Powder 3 Antidote
Silence Powder 3 Echo Screen
Zombie Powder 3 Healing Water
Venom Fang 10 Antidote
Med Kit 20 Remedy

Tool Medicine Refinement
Healing Water 2 Tent
Regen Ring 5 Tent
Whisper Cottage
Healing Ring 30 Cottage
Diamond Armor 50 Cottage
3 Mega Phoenix Phoenix Pinion
Magic Scroll 10 Wizard Stone
GF Scroll 10 Wizard Stone
Item Scroll 10 Wizard Stone
Draw Scroll 10 Wizard Stone
Gambler Spirit 10 Wizard Stone
Star Fragment 2 Meteor Stone
Energy Crystal 2 Ultima Stone
Moon Stone 2 Holy Stone
Dead Spirit 2 Death Stone
Turtle Shell 10 Protect Stone
Orichalcon 30 Protect Stone
Rune Armlet 10 Shell Stone
Force Armlet 30 Shell Stone
Inferno Fang 2 Flare Stone
Steel Pipe Aura Stone
Circlet 2 Aura Stone
Fury Fragment 2 Aura Stone
Strength Love 2 Aura Stone
Hypno Crown 10 Aura Stone
Power Wrist 10 Aura Stone
100 Curse Spile Dark Matter
Dark Matter Shaman Stone
Hungry Cookpot Shaman Stone
Mog's Amulet Shaman Stone
Rosetta Stone Shaman Stone
Shaman Stone LuvLuv G

F MED-RF (Doomtrain)
Forbidden Medicine Refinement
20 X-Potion Elixir
Luck-J Scroll Luck-Up
2 Aegis Amulet Spd-Up
Elemental Atk 4 Elixir
Elemental Guard 4 Elixir
Status Atk 4 Elixir
Status Guard 4 Elixir
Med Kit Megalixir
Gaea'S Ring HP-Up
10 Hyper Wrist Str-Up
5 Adamantine Vit-Up
10 Magic Armlet Spr-Up
10 Royal Crown Mag-Up
50 Accelerator Spd-Up
5 Rocket Engine Spd-Up
Monk's Code Str-Up
Knight's Code Vit-Up
Doc's Code Megalixir
Hundred Needles Spd-Up
10 Shaman Stone Holy War-Trial

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