Relm Arrowny

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Relm Arrowny
Relm Arrowny
Relm Arrowny by Amano
Age 10
Birthplace Thamasa
Gender Female
Job Pictomancer
Skill Sketch
Limit Break Star Prism

Relm Arrowny is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VI. Relm is a young girl that was born in Thamasa and daughter of Shadow. Although it is never actually stated that they are related, the hints are downright obvious and in some instances, it's almost like the ambiguity is there for a more poetic reason. Relm is very loudmouth and obnoxious, but has the power of Magic. When Terra Branford, and the group arrive in Thamasa to negotiate with the Espers, Shadow's dog, Interceptor took an immediate liking to Relm, which surprised Shadow since the dog doesn't like anyone. Strago Magus is Relm's adoptive grandfather, and helps Terra and the group stay at an Inn for almost no cost.

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That night, Relm was playing with a Fire Rod at a friend's house, and manages to accidentally set the house into flames. Strago panics and begins to use water based spells in an attempt to put the fire out, but the Mayor of Thamasa forbids the use of Magic. Strago neglects his warning, and asks Terra for her help in rescuing Relm. Terra agrees and they venture inside the burning house to rescue Relm, but Bombs attack them at the last second. Shadow rushes in and saves everyone just in time however.

The next morning Strago reveals to Terra that during the War of the Magi, the warriors that were capable of casting magic were known as Mage Warriors, but were not Espers. After the War ended, they were shunned by civilization, and started their own covet nation while hiding their Magic abilities. Strago also mentions that all born in Thamasa are born with the power of Magic. Strago agrees to take Terra to meet with Yura, the Commander of the Esper army for negotiations, and Relm wishes to follow, but Strago forbids it. Relm sneaks anyway, and proves her worth in battle against Ultros, and everyone agrees to let her join the fight.

Relm has the highest Magic stat in the game, making her your most powerful mage. She has absurdly high MP, however like every other mage, her physical defense and HP are not very high. Her Sketch ability allows to copy a monster's attack, and use it against itself. In the original SNES version, the Sketch ability was bugged, and referred to as "The Sketch Bug" which allowed you to control the enemy fully, acting like a Morph/Manipulate.

[edit] Quotes

"Waaaaaaahhhh! I'm gonna paint your portrait!"
"Who is this puffed up aerobics instructor, anyway?" (in reference to Sabin)

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