Rosa Joanna Farrell

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Rosa Farrel
Rosa in Final Fantasy IV
Gender Female
Birthplace Baron
Job White Mage
Special Abilities Aim, Pray, White Magic

Rosa Farrell is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. She is a childhood friend of Cecil Harvey's from Baron, and is a skilled archer and White Mage. She became a White Mage because her mother was a White Mage who fought alongside her father, who was a Dark Knight like Cecil. She and Cecil are in love. Kain Highwind also has romantic feelings for her, but he tends to hide them because he wants to keep his friendship with Cecil and Rosa. She is gentle and kind by nature. In The After Years, she is the wife of Cecil, and mother of Ceodore Harvey.


[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"A white mage born of Baron nobility. A friend of Cecil and Kain since childhood, Rosa now harbors feelings stronger than friendship for Cecil." (Game Description)

Rosa is first seen in Baron discussing Cecil's strike against Mysidia. After crying and running from the room, she isn't seen until Cecil and Rydia reach the desert oasis where Rosa is suffering Desert Fever from pursuing Cecil. Rosa doesn't officially join the party until after Edward assists the party in obtaining the Sand Pearl to save her life.

[edit] Special Abilities

  • Aim: Ensure equipped weapon strikes with 100% accuracy.
  • Pray: Restore HP and MP to all party members.
  • White Magic: Cast white magic spells.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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"The white mage who serves as Baron's queen and a steadfast, loving support for Cecil. Her heart goes out to Ceodore as he enters an emotionally turbulent time in his life" (Game Description)

[edit] Special Abilities

  • White Magic: Use to heal and protect
  • Blessing: Regenerate full HP and MP for all party members
  • Aim: Bow and Arrow attack

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