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Rydia of Mist
Gender Female
Birthplace Mist
Job Summoner
Special Abilites White Magic, Black Magic, Summon

Rydia, sometimes referred to as Rydia of Mist, is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. She is a Summoner from the village of Mist and is one of the most powerful Summoners in the village. This is due to the fact that she is only seven years old, as summoned monsters from the Land of Summons tend to trust innocent, young girls more than they do adults. Her main Eidolon is Whyt, who can be named, trained, and designed by the player.


[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"A young girl from Mist, a village of summoners nestled in a fog-filled mountain vale. Heiress to a powerful magical bloodline, she bears a great potential for both black and white magic as well as the summoning of mystical creatures known as Eidolons." (Game Description)

Rydia was born to one of the few remaining pure-blood Summoner families in Mist. Her mother was known as the protector of Mist using the Mist Dragon to protect her village. Rydia joins the party when Cecil Harvey saves her from the desert after she opens the rift in the ground using Titan. After the death of Anna, Rydia is very comforting towards Edward, telling him that she has stopped crying, and so should he. The party then braves the Antlion’s den to save Rosa from desert fever.

On Mount Hobbs Rydia must face her fear of the Fire magic (From her home burning down) with encouragement from Rosa. Rydia is quick to rush to Yang’s aid during the fight with the Mom Bomb. After the assault on Fabul, during the journey back to Baron, Yang tries to return the favor. Leviathan attacks the boat, throwing Rydia into the air, where Leviathan quickly consumed her. Instead of killing her, Leviathan took her to the Feymarch: The land of Eidolons. Time moved faster in the Feymarch, causing Rydia to age into a woman in a short time (Chronologically she is still seven).

Upon traveling to the Underworld, Rydia quickly runs to everyone’s help while Golbez tried to kill them all. Sadly, because of her time in the Feymarch, she lost all ability to use White Magic.

[edit] Special Abilites

  • White Magic: Cast white magic spells. (Cannot be used after she rejoins party)
  • Black Magic: Cast black magic spells.
  • Summon: Call upon Eidolons for aid.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Rydia TRFF.png

Rydia is a representative of Final Fantasy IV along with Cecil.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Rydia returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy IV.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Rydia appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Rydia ATB.png

Rydia appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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FFRK Rydia child.png
A girl from Mist, the village of the summoners, Rydia loses her mother when King Baron sets fire to her hometown. Though at first she mistrusts Cecil for his role in causing the disaster, she eventually warms to him. - official description

Rydia is a playable character in her child form. She can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy IV dungeon Fabul Castle (Classic) for the first time.

[edit] Memory Crystal

Rydia's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the Final Fantasy IX dungeon Burmecia (Elite) for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

Rydia has two Record Materia. Eidolon's Gift is awarded for breaking Rydia's level cap, and allows her to gain Shell when low on HP once per battle. Eidolon's Bond has a random chance to drop in Final Fantasy IV dungeons as long as Rydia is in the party. It increases her damage of Summon magic.

[edit] Abilities

Summon Eidolon I.png

Rydia uses Summon Eidolon I as her default Soul Break. However by equipping the Ice Whip (IV), she can also use the Summon Eidolon II Soul Break.

Rydia can use any Summoning Magic up to Rank 5. She can also use Black Magic up to Rank 3 and White Magic up to Rank 2.

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 158 7 6 12 11 9 20 20 92
50 2646 63 52 120 102 86 22 22 118
65 3408 80 68 148 130 110 23 23 127

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