Samurai (FFX-2)

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[edit] Description

Samurai (FFX-2)
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The passive attack is the style of this dressphere, relying on status attacks and chain attacks, as opposed to being big and powerful. Most of the special attacks are very effective against most of your enemies.


[edit] How to Obtain

  1. Chapter 3

      You can get this dressphere in Chapter 3 when you do the 'Pest Control' mission for Kilika Temple. After killing the two Daevas (touch the blue flames to fight them), the door to the next room will open. When descending into the stairs with the pit of flames. After the flames are extinguished on the floor should be a circular object. Walk walk up to it, and press X Button.png and this dressphere should be yours.
  2. Chapter 5

      If you missed this in Chapter 3, you can get it again by going to Kilika in Chapter 5, and getting the Episode Complete or Concluded and going back into the Kilika Temple. Go to the Chamber of the Fayth and in one of the chests should be this dressphere.

[edit] Abilities List

Ablility Effect AP Required
Attack Attacks enemy 00
Spare Change Attack by throwing gil at enemy 30
Mirror of Equity Low HP = More damage 00
Magicide Damage in enemy's MP 30
Dismissal Halts an enemy's pending attack 30
Fingersnap Reverts enemy attribures to normal 40
Sparkler Damages one enemy 10
Fireworks Damages all enemies 60
Momentum More enemies killed = more damage 60
Shin - Zantetsu Instant kill on all enemies 100
Nonpareil Raises user's strength and Accruacy 20
No fear Casts Shell and Protect on user 30
Clean Slate Restores HP and cures user of Status 40
Hayate Raises Evasion and Casts Haste on user 60
Zantetsu Instantly kill enemy, does damage 140
SOS Critical Deals Critical hits when HP is low 80
Total Ap Required

Note that the method for obtaining the Dressphere has come from Krunal's Dressphere's FAQ

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