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Please note that the contents of this article could cause your game save to become corrupt. We at the NeoWiki do not bare responsibilities for what may happen to your gamesaves. Be sure to back up your game saves before attempting any of the following. Please also note that the below should only be done after you have completed (Platinum'd) the game, so as to ensure you have maximum enjoyment of the game. Please also note that the below only applies to the PS3 version of the game

Without Action Replay to boost the longevity of games, and with the advent of backing up game saves via a memory stick, players eventually found that by editing certain hex values of the save file, they were able to edit values in-game. Whilst this can lead to the game corrupting, it allows someone to being the game again with maximum CP, or being able to max out your Monsters a lot quicker.

Below is a guide on what Hex Values you need to edit, and what they do. But be warned, they CAN CAUSE YOUR GAME SAVE TO BECOME CORRUPT so follow the instructions below at your own peril.


Transfering Your Save

To transfer your save, do the below:

  1. Turn on your PS3 and go to 'Game' on the XMB
  2. Goto PS3 SaveData
  3. Insert a USB Drive into your PS3 and Copy your Final Fantasy XIII-2 save onto it
  4. Transfer the save onto your Computer/Laptop
  5. Make a copy of the save that you will use for editing

Editing Your Save

Once the save has been transferred onto your PC/Laptop, you need to find yourself a good Hex Editor such as HxD, which is the only one that this guide can recommend, due to it's "GO TO OFFSET" feature which allows you to go to an offset quickly.

Once you've downloaded and installed a hex editor, following the following steps:

  1. Open the App.Data file within the save using a Hex Editing software
  2. Using the offsets below, edit the save and then transfer the save back onto your PS3
  3. Load the game and check to ensure nothing untoward has happened, if happy save!

The way an offset works is that the first four characters (plus a zero for the fifth character) denotes the row, and the fifth character denotes the column.

So if you want to edit the offset; 36C91, then you need to go to the row 36C90. On this row, the second column is what you want. Whilst you'd think that 1 means the first column, due to the Hex codes work, the first column is zero, the second is 1, the third is 2 and so on.

Since the game save is encoded, you will not be able to get a specific number for any item or stat, for example you cannot change the HP of a character to be say 20,000. You have the option of either leaving it at what it is, or changing it to 99,999 which is the maximum.

Hex Addition

Due to the way Hex numbers work, they follow the following order:

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F

As such, if you were to add 1 to the value 09, you'll get 0A, whereas adding 1 to 0F will get you 10.

Character Specific

Before you begin editing your characters, note that these changes are PERMANENT. You will not be able to go back to the value for Health, Attack, Magic, etc... that you had prior to editing the save so be sure that you have a back up.

Most of the following is self explanatory, for example, the Max CP, effectively gives you more CP then you need, and so you can just spend it as you wish. Max Attack increases your attack, making you an unstoppable force, but you wont be able to reduce the number no matter what you try, so think before you change stats.

It's recommended that for each of these you simply change the value to FF. That is for all of the following except the last which is for changing Equipment capacity.

See the Equipment Capacity Editing page for more details on how to get the maximum capacity.


    Description Serah Offset Noel Offset
    Max CP 36C91 342F1
    Max HP (99,999) 36C99 342F9
    Max Attack (99,999) 36CA9 34309
    Max Magic (99,999) 36CB5 34315
    Change Equipment Capacity 36C95 342F5


It is much easier to change the quantity of an Item, however it does require extra care as changing certain values is known to create Unknown Item, which replaces an existing item in your inventory, effectively corrupting the game.

Below is a list of the offsets that you can use to change the quantity of items. To 'duplicate' the item that you want, you should move it into one of the slots for which an offset value is given below, save the game, and edit it.

It is recommended that for Items you follow the following:

  • DO NOT use the First Column, First Row Offsets for anything other than Key Items & Specialty Items. Using this offset for the other items has been known to change the item in the second slot (Second Column, First Row) into an Unkown Item
  • Only increase the value of the hex by 1 (see above for how to add in hex values)#

The following is a brief description of what each item category includes:

  • General Items: - Items such as Elixir's, Potions, Antidotes
  • Key Items: - Items such as Wild Artifacts. There is no point in increasing the value of any item in this category
  • Specialty Items: - Items such as Gyshal Greens and Casino Tickets
  • Monster Components: - Items such as Scarletite, Gold Nugget, Rhodochrosite. You can use this to get infinite money, simply by duplicating Scarletite and then selling them. You can also use it to duplicate hard to find items.
  • Monster Materials: - This is the most important category, including items such as Power Crystals, Orbs and Essences. If you want to maximise your team, you'll need a lot of Monster Materials.


    General Items
    4A27D First Column, First Row 4A28E Second Column, First Row
    4A29F First Column, Second Row
    Key Items
    4F3CD First Column, First Row
    Specialty Items
    54F17 First Column, First Row
    Monster Components
    4DAC7 First Column, First Row 4DAE2 Second Column, First Row
    4DAD1 First Column, Second Row 4DAFD Second Column, Second Row
    Monster Materials
    5531D First Column, First Row 5532E Second Column, First Row
    5533F First Column, Second Row
    5535A First Column, Third Row 55375 Second Column, Third Row
    55386 First Column, Forth Row

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