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Scholar is a job class in Final Fantasy III.

Using their analytical powers, scholars are able to ascertain an enemy's HP and any existing weaknesses. They also use the mystical power of ancient tomes to damage enemies. Their extensive knowledge allows them to double the effects of items they use. (Game Description)

  • How Obtained
    • Speak to the Crystal of Fire
  • Battle Commands
    • Study: Examine and enemy's status and determine it's weaknesses, as well as remove any beneficial magic effects from target
    • Magic: Cast LV. 1 to LV. 3 white and black magic
  • Magic
    • Cure
    • Poisona
    • Sight
    • Aero
    • Toad
    • Mini
    • Cura
    • Teleport
    • Blindna
    • Fire
    • Blizzard
    • Sleep
    • Thunder
    • Poison
    • Blind
    • Fira
    • Blizzara
    • Thundara

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