Selphie Tilmitt

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Selphie Tilmitt
Job SeeD Student/Member
Age 17
Weapon Nunchaku
Height 5'1"

Selphie Tilmitt is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VIII. Brought up in Trabia Garden for as long as she can remember, Selphie transferred to Balamb Garden to take part in the SeeD exam. Throughout the game, she keeps the party's spirits up with her cheerful and perky personality. Although seemingly cute and ditzy, her clear talent with computers and vehicles, and excellent organizational and motivational skills betray a fine mind, and a deeper nature and intelligence than is immediately obvious. Selphie sometimes displays a much darker sense of humour than the other characters are comfortable with, and in a few scenes, it seems that her cheerfulness is born of desperation - out of a fear of allowing herself to acknowledge unhappiness.


[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

Selphie meets up with Zell and Squall when she has to deliver a message to their leader during the SeeD exam. Despite the orders she was set to deliver, she allows herself to join Squall and Zell when Seifer decides to take it upon himself to take out the Galbadians that have assaulted the Dollet Communication Tower. From that point on she becomes a permanent and valuable member of your team.

Selphie was originally raised in Edea's orphanage, until the founding of Garden, by Headmaster Cid. Then, she was sent to Trabia Garden, while Irvine, her best friend, was sent to Galbadia Garden. The rest of the group remained in Balamb Garden, close to Cid. There is no explanation for this.

A scene at the end of FFVIII involves Squall and Ultimecia going back in time, to the time when five of your main party members lived in Edea's orphanage. There, Edea took Ultimecia's powers into herself, in order to, in her own words, prevent one of the children becoming a sorceress. Selphie's powerful spells may indicate that she was the most likely candidate for this risk - however, bear in mind that Quistis is also a powerful mage (judging solely by limit break, since other stats vary depending on junctions), while Ellone has powers of her own.

[edit] Limit Break

Although random, her limit break Slot allows her to cast powerful spells such as Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Ultima, and Demi long before the rest of your party. She also has four unique spells in her limit break;

  • Full Cure - Completely heals the party
  • Wall - Casts protect and Shell over your team
  • Rapture - Removes enemies from the battlefield (may miss).
  • The End - The most powerful spell in any Final Fantasy game. Although random and rare, The End can defeat any monster (including the final boss, but excluding the undead) instantly.

The inclusion of The End makes Selphie the single most powerful magic user in the group - more so even than sorceresses Edea and Rinoa - and the most powerful fighter out of your entire group. Unfortunately, The End is so rare that it is almost useless.

[edit] Other Appearences

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Selphie appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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A SeeD cadet who transferred from Trabia Garden. Unabashed, and with a ready smile, Selphie is the life of any party. - official description

Selphie is a playable character representing Final Fantasy VIII. She can be acquired by completing the Galbadia Missile Base challenge event dungeon for the first time..

[edit] Memory Crystal

Selphie's Memory Crystal can be acquired by completing the SeeD Field Exam - Com Tower Top (Elite) challenge event dungeon for the first time.

[edit] Record Materia

Selphie has one Record Materia. Slots can be acquired by breaking her level cap, and it allows her attacks to have a slight chance to deal magic damage instead of physical damage.

[edit] Abilities


Selphie uses Wall as her default Soul Break. By equipping her with the Morning Star (VIII), she can also use the Trabia's Light Soul Break.

Selphie can use any White Magic spell up to Rank 5. She can also use Black Magic spells and Celerity abilities up to Rank 3.

[edit] Equipment

Selphie can equip the following weapons:

Selphie can equip the following armor:

[edit] Stats

Level HP Atk Def Mag Res Mind Acc Eva Spd
1 176 7 6 10 10 12 20 20 92
50 2948 63 54 94 101 120 22 22 118
65 3796 80 71 120 125 148 23 23 127

[edit] Kingdom Hearts


Selphie is one of the six children who plays on the Destiny Islands. She helps Sora train, using a jumprope instead of her nunchaku.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts ReCoM

Selphie returns as a figment of Sora's memories. Her design is the same as her Kingdom Hearts design.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II


Selphie is seen only once, asking Kairi about going to the Island. She pronounces Tidus's name as TIE-dus, confusing fans.

[edit] Quotes

"Super-Duper-Mega-Bummer!!" (FF8)
"You should feel honored that a very, very cute girl sat on your bed, you know!" (to Zell, FF8)
"It's so romantic~! I gotta try it sometime!" (Kingdom Hearts)
"Only an idiot like you would not notice if you had food on your face!" (to Wakka, KHReCoM)
"Tidus and Wakka are all wrapped up in their silly ball game, and they won't go with me!" (to Kairi, KH2)
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