Seymour Guado

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Seymour Guado
Age 28
Birthplace Guadosalam
Gender Male
Weapon Staff

Seymour Guado is a character from Final Fantasy X and X-2. He is playable in only one sequence in FFX, with the majority of his appearances as an NPC.


[edit] Final Fantasy X

Seymour is a maester of Yevon and leader of the Guado. He is introduced in Luca where he summons Anima to save the blitzball stadium. Later, he proposes to Yuna in hopes of becoming the Final Aeon. After he is defeated in Macalania, he becomes an Unsent, ever pursuing his goal of destroying Spira. He is ultimately defeated inside Sin.

[edit] Boss Battle

FFX Seymour Battle.jpg

Seymour is first encountered as a boss battle at Macalania Temple. For his other forms, please see: Seymour Natus, Seymour Flux, or Seymour Omnis.

[edit] Stats

HP (Ovk) MP AP (Ovk) Gil
6000 (1400) 100 2000 (3000) 5000
Strength Defense Magic Mag Def
20 1 25 25
Agility Evasion Accuracy Luck
20 0 100 15
Fire Thunder Water Ice Holy
- - - - -
Sleep Silence Darkness Petrify Slow Zombie
Immune Immune Immune Immune 0 Immune
Power Break Armor Break Magic Break Mental Break
Immune 0 50 0
(% dmg/turn)
(# of turns)
Threaten Death
40 (10%) Immune Immune Immune
Nul Spell Shell Protect Reflect
0 0 0 0
Haste Regen Distiller Sensor
0 0 0 0
Scan Demi Delay Eject Provoke Zanmato
0 Immune Immune Immune Immune Lv. 4
Drop Ratio Ability Slots Abilities Attached
255/256 2-4 1-2
Weapon Abilities Armor Abilities
Piercing, Silencestrike Silenceproof
Gil Required - Items Received -
Item Drop Blk Magic Sphere (normal), Special Sphere (rare)
Item Steal Turbo Ether (normal), Elixir (rare)
Abilities Blizzaga, Blizzara, Fira, Firaga, Multi-Blizzara, Multi-Fira, Multi-Thundara, Multi-Watera, Shell, Thundaga, Thundara, Watera, Waterga

[edit] Strategy

First things first, have Rikku, Yuna and Tidus on for the start, have Yuna and Tidus use their Trigger Commands gaining them higher strength and magic defence respectively. Have Rikku steal from both the Guado Guardians, stopping them from using auto-potion and getting you 2 more hi-potions. Switch Rikku for your strongest character and kill the Guado Guardians. Whilst the other characters are killing the Guado Guardians, have Tidus cast Haste on Yuna. Have her cast as many Nul spells as she can on the party you have out. After the Guado Guardians are dead, attack Seymour, he will summon his aeon, Anima!

As soon as he summons Anima, summon ???? with Yuna. Have ???? attack Anima, when ???? falls to somewhere near half health have her cast Blizzara on herself. Each pain attack will charge about 1/3 of ????'s overdrive guage. Use it as soon as possible. You may then want to start using the shield option and heal often to keep her alive for as long as you can. It would be advisable for you to allow her to take the blast of Anima's overdrive as you may struggle to keep alive if you use your characters. Hopefully ???? will outlive Anima but if not you need to be prepared. Anima's Pain attack causes instant KO. So each time its Anima's turn, make sure you're ready to use a phoenix down, or have Yuna cast Life. Try to keep the Nul spells on your characters as much as possible. When Anima dies, Seymour will fight again.

This time you will get the chance to kill Seymour. However, he isn't a pushover, and after coming out of a battle with Anima, your team might be worse for wear. Have Yuna cast Shell if she has it. Seymour will use Multi- Magic, meaning two element spells hitting each of his turns. These are reasonably strong as well and could spell instant death for weaker characters. Heal with Yuna and have your 2 other strongest characters attack. If Yuna has no-one to heal then add another Nul spell to someone because every possible spell you can stop helps. Obviously if Yuna dies use a phoenix down as soon as possible. Hopefully with the Nul spells you will survive long enough to deal 6,000 damage.

See Also: Bosses (FFX), Anima, or Guado Guardian

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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Seymour is only seen once in FFX-2 in Baralai's Sphere, but Trommel mentions him several times.

[edit] Quotes

"Come, Lady Yuna. Come with me to Zanarkand, the lost city of the dead. With death on our side, we will save Spira, and for this... I will take from you your strength, Yuna, your life, and become the next Sin. I will destroy Spira! I will save it!" (FFX)
"What a pity. Ah, of course. 'Protect the summoner even at the cost of one's life.' The Code of the Guardian. How admirable. Well, if you're offering your lives, I shall have to take them." (FFX)
"Pitiful mortals. Your hope ends here...And your meaningless existence with it!" (FFX)
"Unpleasant... Very well. I will give you your death. You seem to want it so." (FFX)

[edit] Gallery

Seymour Guado.jpg
Artwork of Seymour from FFX

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