Shalua Rui

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Shalua Rui
Age unknown (late 20's)
Gender Female
Weapon Gun

Shalua Rui is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. She is a genius scientist of the WRO Engineering Department. It seems that she fought against Shinra before joining the WRO, and it's said that her left arm and portions of her insides have been replaced with artificial ones. Shalua has been all over the planet looking for her dear sister, Shelke, since she was a child. Now as Vincent Valentine comes back in to the story, three years after the end of Final Fantasy VII, Shalua finally finds Shelke in the hands of the Tsviets. She plays a big role in Shelke's new life, not only as her sister, but as a friend that released her from her controlled mind.

Shelke and Shalua are reunited in the WRO building, where the shock of seeing her sister working for Deepground puts her in such a shock she is unable to defend herself against her sister. However, before Shelke can strike, Vincent and Reeve come to her rescue. After Arch Azul attempts to kill Shelke, she willing holds the door open with her artificial arm until it eventually breaks, but not before telling Shelke she's sorry it took so long for her to find her sister. After the arm snaps and the door slams shut, the sound of Azul attacking Shalua can be heard. The confrontation does not kill Shaulua, but it does cause permanent brain damage and puts her in a vegetative state. At the end of DoC the tank she's sleeping in can be seen in a pool of Lifestream water.

[edit] Quotes

"I'm searching for my reason to live"
"You're still Shelke, my little sister, my only sister!"

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