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Shera is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII. She is a scientist that worked on the Shinra rocket. Shera remained in the rocket for fear that one of the oxygen tanks was malfunctioning, causing Cid Highwind to cancel his mission to outer space. For the years following, Cid would hold a grudge against her for ruining his dream of becoming the first man to go into space. Feeling that she owes him, she lives with him in Rocket Town, suffering his verbal abuse.

During the course of the game, Cid and the party return to the rocket in pursuit of the Huge Materia. The rocket is launched and during the escape, Cid finds that the oxygen tank was indeed faulty, leading him to apologize to Shera. Having stowed on board, Shera arrives in time to save Cid and escape with the party.

In On the Way to a Smile, it is mentioned that Shera has contracted Geostigma. (On a side note, her condition is not mentioned further in the compilation, but it can be assumed that she has been cured by the end of Advent Children with the rest of the main cast.)

When Cid arrives to aid the party in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, he introduces Tifa to his new airship, which he has named the Shera.

In Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, it is revealed that Cid and Shera have married. And although Cid briefly mentions to Vincent to see her, she is not available in the game.

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