Shiva (FFX-2)

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Shiva (FFX-2)
FFX2 Shiva.jpg
Type None
Location Farplane
Chapters 5

Shiva is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. She appears in Chapter 5 on the Farplane.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
41 14800 9999
Strength Defense Magic Mag Def
69 74 58 183
Agility Evasion Accuracy Luck
119 58 6 0
8000 15 2000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Water Lightning Ice Gravity Holy
Weak - - Absorbs Immune -
Status Immunities & Defenses
Death Petrify Sleep Silence Darkness Poison
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Confusion Berserk Curse Eject Slow Stop
Immune Immune Immune Immune - Immune
Power Break Armor Break Magic Break Mental Break
- - - -
Luck Change Eva. Change Acc. Change Zantetsu
- - - 80
Doom Delay Prep. Int. Mult. Damage
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Other Information
Item Steal Snow Ring
Gil Steal 5000 Steal Ratio 128/255
Bribe -
Drop Crystal Gloves (normal), Regal Crown (rare) Drop Ratio 255/255
Abilities Blizzaga, Diamond Dust, Heavenly Strike, Triple Attack

[edit] Strategy

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[edit] Scan

"An aeon that once fought alongside Yuna."

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