Side Quests & Extras (FFIII)

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[edit] Bahamut's Lair

Boss : Bahamut
Reward : Bahamur Summon

[edit] Lake Dohr

Boss : Leviathan
Reward : Leviath Summon

[edit] Onion Knight Quest

Boss : Bombs X3
Reward : Onion Knight Job unlocked

[edit] Saronian Catacombs

Boss : Odin
Reward : Catastro Summon, Gungnir

[edit] The ??? Cave

Boss : Iron Giant
Reward : Metal Card
Follow these steps to unlock this special cave: - Send a 7 mails to another player through Mog Net. - Send 4 mails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Elderly". - Send 4 mails to "King Alus". After reading the fourth one, you will unlock a new quest. - Ride on the airship that can travel underwater and go to the floating island. Once there, go directly east until you see a shadow in the water. Go underwater at that point to enter a cave with a secret dungeon and Boss. Inside there will be only one room, so beware when you enter it. Once you walk past a certain point, a battle will initiate and you will face THE Iron Giant. Start a Forum thread on this item

[edit] The Legendary Smith

Boss : N/A
Reward : (Please see chart)

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