Side Quests & Extras (FFVIII)

Below are all the Side Quests & Extras from Final Fantasy VIII.


[edit] Irvine and the Galbadian Soldier

On Disc two while in Fisherman's Horizon, you automatically play a mini game where, as Irvine, you must choose which instruments various party members play.

Most people don't notice that you can actually leave the screen and explore FH and Balamb Garden at this point. In Balamb Garden you can check up on Squall. He's lying in his bedroom, ignoring you. Far more interesting, however, is the Artisan's House, near where you fought the Galbadian robot. If you enter here, you will see a short scene, involving a Galbadian Soldier. Leave the house, and return immediately. After another short scene, examine the soldiers body to receive various ammo, including five Pulse Ammo.

[edit] UFO Sidequest

Unidentified Flying Object

Ever got into a strange battle where a UFO went floating off in the distance and nothing actually happened? Those UFO's are the start of a sub quest to get a rare level 5 card.

You need to find the UFO's in four locations; Mandy Beach, near Timber, Winhill Bluffs near Winhill, in the West of the Kashkabald Desert on the continent of Esthar and Heath Peninsula, on an island near Trabia (yes, the island is referred to as a peninsula). All four locations are marked on the map linked to below. The spaceships will show up even if you have Encounter-None equipped, which makes life a little easier.

After encountering the spaceships, you need to go to the little plateau above the island covered in forest (called Grandidi Forest) north-east of Balamb (just above the Holy Chocobo Forest, which is also shown on that map). Run around on there for a bit, and you should get into a fight with a spaceship. Smash it. Then head to where Balamb Garden was originally, and get into a fight around there. Sooner or later you'll run into a little Alien. You can either kill it, or give him the elixirs he asks for. If you kill him you gain an accelerator. If you give him the elixirs you gain the PuPu card. This is your only chance to get it.

Squall and Rinoa having a moment

[edit] Winhill Vase Pieces

When Balamb Garden becomes mobile, you are finally able to enter Winhill as Squall. If you go into the large house in the North, you'll find that a large vase has been broken. There are four pieces missing.

To find the first you must have Irvine in your party. Examine the suit of armour towards the lower left of the large house. It will slowly collapse, and the tiny Chicobo that runs off will leave a vase piece behind.

You can find another piece by heading to the flower shop to the south of the mansion, and examining the flowers in the foreground.

You can find the third on the Chocobo crossing about halfway through the town. You should be able to see a small Chicobo running back and forth across the screen. Try running up to it and pressing X. It'll drop the vase piece after a time.

The fourth piece is in the house that used to be Raine's. Go upstairs, and talk to the woman there. Then go back downstairs and examine the cat sitting on the counter.

Finally, take all the vase pieces back to the house, and speak to the man there. He'll give you a holy stone.

[edit] Timber Magazines

To find out more about Laguna, collect the 10 "Timber Magazines" scattered throughout the FF8 World. The locations are:

1. Dollet Bar

2. Dollet Inn

Timber Maniacs Bulding

3. Timber Maniacs

4. Timber Inn

5. Fisherman's Horizon

6. Shumi Village Inn

7. Trabia Garden

8. Edea's home

9. White SeeD Ship

10. Balamb Inn

For your troubles you unlock extra Information about the Life of Laguna in the Tutorial pages.

[edit] GF Sidequests

Certain GFs in the game have to be sought out in order to be obtained; as such there are a few sidequests you'll need to do if you're after a full set.

[edit] Doomtrain's Items

Firstly and most importantly, get the Solomon Ring from tear's point. Then battle Malboros and collect 6 Malboro tentacles. Buy 60 Remedies and use GF Alexander's Med Lev Up skill to refine them into 6 Remedy Pluses. Lastly, get 6 Iron Pipes. so to recap you need;

  • Solomon Ring
  • 6 Marlboro Tentacles
  • 6 Remedy Pluses
  • 6 Iron Pipes

Once you've collected all those, use the Solomon Ring on the item menu. Doomtrain will join you.

[edit] Obtaining Bahamut

In order to battle and acquire the GF Bahamut, you have to answer his questions in a specific order. First things first, use the Ragnarok to fly to Battleship Island; located in the bottom left hand corner of the map. Land there and go inside. Walk only when the light is not flashing, and head for the core. Bahamut will ask 3 questions. First answer;

"It's not our will to fight"

You'll have to battle a Ruby Dragon, defeat it and Bahamut will ask another question. This time answer


You'll battle another Ruby Dragon, then Bahamut asks his third and final question. Answer,

"It's our nature"

It's the third unseen choice, hidden underneath "None of your Business", so be careful when answering. Defeat Bahamut and he will join you.

[edit] Finding Eden

To acquire the GF Eden, you first have to defeat Bahamut. Leave a bit of time, then return to Battleship Island with Zell in your Party. Go down the roots, battling successions of more and more difficult monsters, until you reach the machine. Activate it to battle Ultima Weapon. Draw Eden from Ultima Weapon before defeating it.

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